Greenstrawbery has released a new kit for the 1:350 scale K’tinga from polar Lights. The kit is produced to add a lot of extra detail to the already detailed Polar Lights kit.

As always the Greenstrawberry set comes in a plastic wrapper with a hard cardboard backing. inside the package are the two PE frets, one plastic cut out sheet and the directions for the kit. On the back of the package has a warning and Greenstrawberry’s website. The parts are packaged well but I would have liked to have seen the PE parts taped down to the cardboard for extra protection.

The first thing we took a look at was the instructions. As in the usual Greenstrawberry fashion, they start with a sketch of the contents of the kit. Then it goes into the information key so you can easily identify what has to be done at certain points of assembly. The instructions, for the most part, are easy to understand and follow along. One part of the instructions step 6 could be separated a little more to read them better or added to another sheet. I know there are cost savings involved but adding a sheet or two more to the instructions for clarity is well worth the cost.

The photo-etch fret that comes with the kit is the outstanding etch we always expect from Greenstrawberry. The photo-etch is nicely detailed in the areas it needs to be. Greenstrawberry always does a great job on small fine parts and they nailed it again with this kit. The set comes with some serious detail. This specific set includes all phaser arrays, all surface vents, windows, warp engine grills, torpedo launcher inner ring for the front and rear and, new main bridge surface detail. The set is not a difficult set to work with and lends itself to a modeler just starting out with PE.

Official Greenstrawberry photo’s

Set contains:

PE Parts:
impulse engine grills
front and after photon tube mesh for lighting
all new officers lounge deck
details for Warp nacelles
windows for command hull
other crucial surface details on the ship

We would like to thank Greenstrawberry for sending the kit over for review. If you are interested in this kit or other Greenstrawberry products please visit their site at

Greenstrawberry 1:350 K'tinga PE
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