This is my completed 1/1000 Moebius Models USS Kelvin. The model measures about 12” in length and a 7 ½ inch saucer diameter. I decided not to light the ship so all of my efforts here were spent painting and detailing. Ship assembly was very straightforward with some seams that needed to be filled in.

The model was painted using Aztek Dummy paint masks which worked well to provide the Aztec scheme. I used Vallejo’s Neutral gray, Testors Dark Ghost and Camo gray for the pattern. When all the colors are down, it looks pretty harsh but the appearance is easily toned down by a final misting of the base color used for the ship (Testors Light Gray). I was very pleased with the end results.

Also added to the ship were the two accessory kits available from Green Strawberry. At first, I had planned on using only the photoetch kit which includes surface details, shuttle bay interior and parts for modifying the Bussard collector. Unfortunately, I didn’t think the Bussard turned out all that well so I ended up buying the other kit from them which are resin pieces that replace the Bussard assembly altogether. In the end, the added accessories added some very nice touches but bear in mind all of these combined totaled more than the purchase price of the kit. I should note that I didn’t bother with the shuttle bay interior since it wouldn’t be seen without interior lighting.

One other modification I made was to fill in the gaps present between the wall sections that make up the sides of the primary hull. Much like the old AMT Enterprise refit model the sections are separate pieces that ended up having a visible gap between them. I felt this made the ship look unfinished so I decided to fill in those gaps using thin styrene plastic rods from Evergreen Scale Models.

Overall it’s a pretty decent replica of the ship and I had fun working on it.

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I've been building models since I was age 10. I've kind of gone in and out of the hobby through the years because of schooling and career but now that I'm pretty well settled in, I've been building pretty regularly over the last 4-5 years. Although I've built some WWII ships and planes in the past, I now mainly build sci-fi ships. My favorite subjects have been Star Trek and Star Wars but also have built many from 60s-70s sci-fi TV. A couple of yrs ago I started a Youtube channel just to put in my 2 cents and give advice. Surprisingly it hit 1M in 2017 views and still growing. I enjoy scale modeling as it provides an escape from daily stresses and routines. It also has been a great way to stay in touch with my childhood memories and simpler times. I must add that I have met some really great people since becoming active online in the modeling community and I look forward to continue my contribution to the hobby.


    • Lol…first thanks for the compliment. And yep…video will be out tomorrow. Just shot these pics over the Kenny this morning. I meant for it to be up today but still had last minute edits. Will be on the channel tomorrow morning for sure. Thanks for asking Ray.


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