KDU#52 – January 2020 Sale

KDU#52 – The Start of The Decade

Welcome, 2020! We are excited about a brand-new year focusing on content development and Kickstarter progress. Of course, our shifting focus will never tear us away from new sculpts and ideas so we are starting the year with a couple of new releases and some hard-hitting reruns. In addition, some big news concerning our shop to start the new year off.

2020 Brings Shipping From Multiple Warehouses
This year, we are rolling out shipping from multiple warehouses to our fans and customers. This means no more limits on what combination of items you can order from our store. PLEASE BE AWARE, each warehouse charges a separate shipping fee. When ordering from multiple warehouses, shipping costs will reflect multiple shipping charges. At this time the fee will show as a single combined rate. (We hope that in the future the system will offer a breakdown of prices from each warehouse.)

Card Sleeves Are Back!
Back by popular demand, custom KDM card sleeves. Standard and gear sized cards, as well as sleeve bundles, return to the store.

New Year Store Sale!

January 2020 Releases

New Releases
Death High Savior – Read More
Fallen Hero – Read More

Beloved Encores
Energy Potion Maker – Read More
Lantern Guard – Read More
Swashbuckler – Read More
Verdant Lord Shirt – Read More
Monster Custom Card Sleeves – Read More

Seasonal Releases
Winter Death Dice – Read More

Monster Core Game
Monster 1.5 Core Game – Read More

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