One done three to go! The 89 Batmobile is finally finished all the lighting is working great and everything came together very nicely. Everyone knows what the lit-up bat emblem means… It is time to save the day! The bat emblem is powered by a 12v battery and the Batmobile is powered by a separate 9v battery.

Batman and the Batmobile are both glued in place to ensure they stay on the base. The bat emblem is illuminated with an LED strip housed in a styrene box, which was painted black to block the light. The bat emblem itself is a vinyl decal on a piece of acrylic that has been frosted on the backside of the piece. It works very well and now I will be making three more of them.

I am very happy with how good the Batmobile and its display case turned out. I am hoping that the next three display cases turn out as well as this one did.


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