“USS Texas, a 27,000-ton New York class battleship built at Newport News, Virginia, was commissioned in March 1914. In May, she steamed to Vera Cruz to support the occupation of that Mexican city. Regular operations with the Atlantic Fleet began in mid-year and continued to January 1918. The battleship then crossed the ocean to join the Grand Fleet in the North Sea, where she remained to the end of the First World War. Texas returned to the United States in late December 1918 and again took up her duties with the Atlantic Fleet.”

Source: https://www.history.navy.mil/our-collections/photography/us-navy-ships/battleships/texas-bb-35.html

This is the 1:350 scale Trumpeter BB-35 Texas. I built the kit straight out of the box and did not use any detailing sets on the kit.

The New York-class battleship is my favorite class ship. I hope the various warships of the previous period will be made into model kits also.


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