Now that the holidays are over it is back to weekly YouTube Wednesday night hangouts! Don’t forget you have to be a subscriber to earn spaceloot during the show. You earn spaceloot by watching, chatting, and donating to the stream. Donations are nice but not mandatory at all. So onto this month’s giveaway! We will be choosing two winners this month and they will have the choice of one of three sets from Abteilung 502. The prizes that the winners will be able to choose from are:

1. Abteilung 502 Flesh Color set
2. Abteilung 502 Effects In SciFi Pigment Set
3. Abteilung 502 Fantasy and Metallics Pigment Set

So don’t forget to come and subscribe and be a part of the Space Pirate Crew!!

Here is a link to our YouTube Channel come hit that subscribe button and notification icon



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