Here’s how I turned this shadowbox frame into a display base for my 1/1000 scale U.S.S. DEFIANT.

The first thing I’ll do is find the size of the shadowbox I need either on Amazon or eBay. If I cannot find any acrylic mirrors in the stores than I’ll turn to an acrylic mirror seller I know about on eBay. This seller will cut the acrylic mirror to any size they have on their listing.

Once the shadowbox and acrylic mirror arrive I’ll start working on them. The one in the pictures needed some work mostly sanding and puttying. Once I’ve sanded everything smooth I’ll mark the areas that I want the buttons and power jack to go. After marking out the desired areas I’ll then drill the holes. The next step in the process I’ll spray paint it with primer and the paint color I want. The color I most often choose for the base is black because it always looks good.

After I complete the first stage of work on the shadowbox I begin work on the acrylic mirror. The first step I take is to cover the acrylic mirror with masking tape for some extra protection. The masking tape is also used to mark the center where the mounting rod will be placed. Measuring from corner to corner will give the exact middle of the acrylic mirror. After this, I move back to the shadowbox once everything is primed, painted and dry I’ll test fit all of the parts. If everything fits well and no further modifications are needed I will then spray the shadowbox with a clear coat. After the clear coat is dry then I will hot glue the acrylic mirror, buttons and power jack in place. Once all of the steps are done and everything is permanently in place I will mount the model.

The whole process is pretty simple a lot of work, but still, it’s a pretty simple way to turn a shadowbox frame into a display base for any Starship or airplane models. And if I’m feeling more creative I’ll try to add a little something extra to the base such a Star Trek emblem cut from a piece of gold acrylic mirror or a custom vinyl decal lettering from a seller on eBay.

That’s pretty much how I turn a shadowbox frame into a display base. I hope this helps you, modelers, with making a display base for any of your starship models.


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