Well, it has happened again! We have made a new friend through social media. If you have not seen Aphex Painting Studio on Facebook you should go take a look. Today we exchanged emails and we were able to get to know each other and start a new friendship. Here is what Jeremy told us about himself and the hobby we all love.

What can I say…
I’m a 31-year-old full-time cop from Belgium and my hobby is painting miniatures.
I started over 15 years ago with Warhammer fantasy orcs and I like painting more than gaming.
I’ve had some ups and downs in painting and in the last two years I’m trying to step up my game and paint seriously.

I turned my attic into a paint room, ideal to relax after a stressful work shift or to take a break from 2 screaming kids 🤣

I do some small commissions now and then.
And I love to paint in exchange for miniatures.
I am a big Kingdom Death enthusiast. Love the sculpts and setting.
My goal is to one day win in a big painting competition like Scale Model Challenge or Monte San Savino.

It was a real pleasure meeting and speaking with Jeremy today. Look for more completed paint works here on HLI. And, if you haven’t yet please check out Jeremy’s page on Facebook Aphex Painting Studio


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