Hasegawa Jan 2020 Releases


F-4EJ Kai Super Phantom “301SQ F-4 Final Year 2020″
Scale … 1: 72
Part number ……… 02319
Sale date … Around January 11, 2020
Number of parts … 117
Model total length … 265mm
model full width … 163mm

Decal (marking)
Air Self-Defense Force 7th Air Wing No. 301 Squadron F-4 Retirement Commemorative Paint Machine “315” (Hundred Mile Base: 2019-2020)

F-86F-40 Saber “Blue Impulse”
Scale … 1:48
Product No …. PT15
Release Date … Around January 16, 2020

Kawanishi N1K2-J Local Fighter Shidenkai
Scale … 1:32
Part Number … …… ST33
Release Date … Around January 16, 2020

Shidenkai is a low-wing, full-scale land-based fighter that was adopted in January 1945 through the mid-wing Shiden. Around the same time, the 343 Navy Air Corps (Swords Unit), which was organized by gathering historical pilots from various regions with the aim of regaining air control in the airspace around the mainland, was concentrated and raised its results.

The kit reproduces the first half type with a large vertical tail area. Inside the fuselage, support parts are sandwiched to ensure ease of assembly and strength. The cockpit is designed so that it can be assembled from the bottom of the fuselage after bonding the fuselage. The muzzle of the main wing 20mm machine gun is opened with a slide mold.
Canopy and flap can be opened and closed. The pilot figure is a finish with a sense of precision and presence by Mr. Ichiro Take (prototype production) . There are two types of heads.

Decal (marking)
Combat No. 301 Squadron Captain Naohiro Kanno Ride “343A-15” (Matsuyama Base: April 1945)
Combat No. 407 Squadron Koji Ohara, Sergeant Chief Aircraft “343B-03” (Matsuyama Base: April 1945)

V-22 Osprey “JGSDF First Unit”
Scale … 1: 72
Part number ……… 02277 S
Release date …… Around January 18, 2020
Number of parts … 140
model total length … 245.5mm
model full width … 339mm

A kit for the Ground Self-Defense Force.
The coloring is based on light gray camouflage, and the upper surface of the aircraft is a dark color scheme like an offshore camouflage. In the kit, the engine nacelle is movable and you can enjoy the fixed-wing aircraft / helicopter mode. Legs can be parked / flighted and an exhibition stand is included.

Decal (marking)
First aircraft for JGSDF

Mitsubishi F-2A “3SQ Misawa Special 2019”
Scale … 1: 72
Part number ……… 02320
release date …… Around January 18, 2020
Number of parts … 129
model total length … 209mm
model full width … 156mm

Reproduce the special painting machine that imaged Misawa’s spring, summer, autumn and winter! Set of etching parts for detail improvement.

Etching parts
Discharge cables, seat belts, missile wings, etc.

Decal (marking)
Air Self-Defense Force 3rd Air Wing 3rd Squadron Misawa Air Base Festival Commemorative Painting Machine “513” (Misawa Air Base: September 8, 2019)

Tupolev Tu-144D
Scale … 1: 144
Part number ……… 10833
release date … Around January 18, 2020
Number of parts … 115
model total length … 465mm
model full width … 201mm

Reproduce the Soviet supersonic transport Tu-144D (late model)!
The nose and retractable canard positions are selectable. Legs can be selected parking state / flight state. Comes with an exhibition stand. Parts color is white + clear. ICM parts set.

Decal (marking)
Tu-144D “CCCP-77115”

Mitsubishi Ki-46 Hyakushi HQ reconnaissance aircraft type II
Scale … 1:72
Part Number … …… CP5
Release Date … Around January 23, 2020

MiG31B Foxhound
Scale … 1: 72
Part number ……… 02321
Release date …… Around January 25, 2020

Reproduce the MIG 25 derivative, Russian Air Force double-seat interceptor!
Includes 2 tanks, 2 long-range missiles, and 4 short-range missiles. Set the parts made by ICM.

Decal (marking)
MiG 31B: Russian Air Force affiliation machine “Blue 70”

F-4E Skyhawk “Blue Angels”
Scale … 1:48
Product No …. 09648
Release Date … Around February 01, 2020

Kawanishi H6K5 Type 97 Large Flying Boat Type 23 “torpedo machine”
Scale … 1: 72
Part number ……… 02163
Release date … Around February 05, 2020
Number of parts … 159
model total length … 358mm
model full width … 553mm

Reproduced the additional equipment for lightning strikes, developed for anti-ship attacks by large flying boats. The location where the torpedo is mounted is near the center of the slant strut that supports the main wing. By installing a torpedo / bomb rack here, lightning can be equipped.

Additional plastic parts
Torpedo / bomb rack parts to be installed on the main wing’s diagonal struts (new)
Torpedo parts

Decal (marking)
Toko Naval Air Corps machine “O-13”
Toko Naval Air Corps machine “O-46” (Solomon Islands: 1942)

J35 / S35E / RF-35 Draken “Scandinavian Draken”
Scale … 1:48
Part number ……… 07482
Release date January 31, 2020
Number of parts … 117
model total length … 323.5mm
model full width … 198mm

Scandinavian peninsula recreates Draken from 3 countries!

Decal (marking)
S35E: Swedish Air Force F21 Air Group affiliation machine “53”
RF-35: Danish Air Force No. 729 Squadron affiliation machine “AR-108”
35FS: Finnish Air Force 21st Combat Squadron “DK-271” (1991)

JMSDF Aegis destroyer Ashigara “Super Detail”
Scale … 1: 450
Part Number … …… SP446
Release Date … Around February 05, 2020
Number of Parts … 157
Model Length … 372mm
Model Width … 52mm

A feeling of precision is improved by adding handrails made of etching with a sense of precision!

■ Handrail

Product Specifications
Missile destroyer with Aegis system Ashigara “178”

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