Review: Flyhawk 1/700 Seaplane Dockside Base


This is a pretty interesting subject as it’s basically a 1/700 diorama in a box.

The box is an end opening box, with the parts securely packaged inside.

So, inside the boxes we have:

  • 53 grey plastic parts on 5 frets
  • 24 clear parts on 2 frets
  • 1 PE sheet with 29 parts and 37 PE figures
  • 1 decal sheet
  • 1 instruction sheet

The level of detail in this kit is up to Flyhawk’s usual exceptional standards with many small parts and almost everything has PE parts. The patrol boat and the aircraft have very fine detail on them. The back of the box can be used as a diorama base if you ant. Alternatively, you could just make your own with resin water.

The instructions are mostly black and white on 1 sheet of glossy paper. Parts are coloured in places to clarify the instructions.

The build is done in 3 steps although step 2 could easily be thought of like 3 or 4 steps on its own.

  1. We start by building the patrol boat. It is made of 9 plastic parts and 7 PE parts although some of the PE parts have plastic options.
  2. This step covers a few things. It starts off by assembling the 2 SHort Sunderlands from clear parts. These aircraft have 2 part hulls and the wing is one part. You have the option of giving them wheels to be placed on the land. The plastic propellors have PE alternatives and PE is used for the gun barrels in the turrets. You’re shown how much of the lower hull to cut off if you want to place it in ‘water’. The next part makes a PE tower fore the quayside. Then at the bottom, we make the plastic supports for the water tower and the 3 vehicles. The vehicles are made from 4 or 5 plastic parts each and the fuel tanker has PE mudguards.
  3. Step 3 is just putting everything on the diorama base as depicted on the back of the box. You also add a small jetty and rowing boat.

The paints are called out by name and in the Mr. Hobby, Tamiya and WEM colour ranges. The painting guide is in colour and shows appropriate views of all the parts in the kit.

The decal sheet gives you ship numbers and letter, 4 sets of each in black and grey so you can number and letter your patrol boat as you want. You also get all the insignia for the Sunderlands. There are quie a few very small decals to content with.

This kit is a future release at Luckymodel for $21.99


This is an interesting kit in that it is a small diorama with everything you need in the box with Flyhawk’s usual level of detail. If you want to try and 1/700 diorama it’s a good way to dip your toe in the genre.

Many thanks to Flyhawk for sending along the kit for review.

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International
HobbyLink International
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