Some of you may know that I am a huge Evangelion fan, and one of my favorite characters is everyone’s favorite clone Rei Ayanami.

The more realistic look of the face and proportions made this a must buy.

It was also a source of worry.

Most of my figures are anime-style faces, I like to think I have gotten fairly good at reproducing that look. So going to a more lifelike style was daunting.

After all the normal resin prep work was done I sprayed a gray primer coat then a white primer over that at a slight angle. I missed out on the black primer from underneath to avoid harsh shadows as I did not think they would fit the look I was going for.

Base flesh tone form Mr. Color was used on the face, eyes hand-painted then watercolor pencils were used to and shading to the face. The pencil was applied to the model then clean water was used to blend.

Hair was several custom mixed shades of blue.

The suit has a diamond pattern all over. Fishnet stockings were used as a stencil. As I wanted the pattern to be only just visible I misted over white to blend the pattern in. the black areas were masked off and sprayed.

The green and orange clear parts were sprayed with silver on the backside then clear orange and green.

Mark Dunmore


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