DXM Decals 1/48 F-15J Eagle 304th TFS 40th Anniversary


This decal sheet, 81-4231, covers 1 aircraft from 304th TFS JASDF:

  • 304th TFS 40th Anniversary, NahaAB

The 304th Tactical Fighter Squadro is a squadron of the 9th Air Wing of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. It is based at Naha Air Base, in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. It is equipped with Mitsubishi F-15J/DJ and Kawasaki T-4 aircraft. The squadron’s aircraft bear the likeness of a tengu on their tails. Tengu are goblin-like creatures from Japanese mythology. Known for their skill with swords and possession of mystical powers, they were said to inhabit Mount Hiko in Fukuoka, located near the squadron’s original base at Tsuiki.

The squadron was founded on August 1, 1977 at Tsuiki Air Base in Fukuoka Prefecture flying the McDonnell Douglas F-4EJ. In January 2016 the squadron relocated to Naha Air Base in Okinawa Prefecture as part of the newly formed 9th Air Wing.

I can’t see anything that says if this set is designed for any particular kits.

The decals arrived from DXM Decals in an envelope clearly marked ‘Do Not Bend’. Inside the envelope, the decals were secured between 2 pieces of cardboard. The decals themselves are in a self-sealing plastic bag, with a tab at the top for hanging the bag on a sales rack in a store. There’s plenty of space in the bag so getting the decals in and out is not a problem. The bottom folds up over the bag and has a sticky stripe on it to seal it. I found that the sticky strip tends to stick to everything, so I folded the sticky tab back on itself and sealed the bag with a second, smaller, piece of tape. This way I can put things back inside the bag a lot easier. Inside the bag are:

  • Two A4/Letter sized double-sided sheets of decal placement instructions. One sheet is glossy and one is matt paper.
  • Two large decal sheets. (15cm x 21cm)

The instructions are on both sides of the sheet of paper and the only part of the instructions not used for decal placement is the cover. You are given the left and right views of the aircraft to get the big decals in place. You also have top and side views so you can clearly see the positioning of the stencils. The instructions, as you can see from the images, are clearly laid out. The paints used are called out in Mr. Color and Humbrol schemes. On the instructions, the arrows pointing to each placement are either orange, red or blue and the instructions tell you to place the blue-lined decals before the red lined ones.

The decals themselves are by Cartograph so the quality is very good. There is minimal carrier film around the stencils except for the places where it is being used to hold the text together to make sure the alignment between them is correct.  The decals themselves look very thin and in register and the colours are vibrant and overall look very good.

Overall, it’s a very well done decal sheet of this outstanding scheme that will really stand out in a crowd.

Many thanks to DXM Decals for the review sample. You can buy this set for $26.00 from the DXM Decals website.

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