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The Godzilla 65th anniversary celebration continues!  In November 2019, Round 2 is set to re-release two more model kits!

Polar Lights Godzilla Snap-Together (kit number POL959):

  • Originally released by Lindberg in 1995
  • 1:250 scale
  • About 8 inches tall and 12 inches long when built
  • $29.99 U.S.D. MSRP
  • Mid-November 2019 release

Polar Lights King Ghidorah Snap-Together (kit number POL962):

  • Originally released by Aurora in 1976 and again by Polar Lights in 2000
  • 1:350 scale
  • 12 inch wing span
  • $29.99 U.S.D. MSRP
  • Mid-November 2019 release

Check out the official box top artwork images below!

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