Hasegawa Dec 2019 Releases


RF-4E Phantom II “501SQ Final Year 2020 (Forest Camouflage)
Scale … 1: 72
Part number ……… 02318
Release date … Around December 6, 2019
Number of parts … 125
Model total length … 265mm
model full width … 163mm

Decal (marking)
JASDF Reconnaissance Air Corps No. 501 Squadron RF-4E Retirement Commemorative Paint Machine “907” (Mariori Base: 2019)

1966 American Coupe Type I w / Blonde Girls Figure
Scale … 1:24
Part Number … …… SP402
Release Date … Around December 6, 2019
1/24 scale American car with a resin figure of a sexy blonde model!

Paul Stuart Racing Roller T90-50
Scale … 1:24
Part number ……… 20429
Release date … Around December 6, 2019
Number of parts … 91
model total length … 170.5mm
model full width … 85mm

Reproduce the machine of Paul Stuart Racing Team who participated in F3000 International Championship! The body part color is blue.

Decal (marking)
1990 International F3000 Championship Participating Cars
Paul Stuart Racing Team
Car No.11 Driver: Andrea Chiesa
Car No.10 Driver: John Jones

Yamaha YZR500 (0WA8) “1989 All Japan Road Race Championship GP500”
Scale … 1:12
Part Number ……… 21722
Release Date … Around December 8, 2019
Number of Parts … 160
Model Total Length … 167mm
Model Height … 95mm to by Shigeo
Decal (marking)
UCC Greenfield Yamaha Team 1989 All Japan Road Race Championship GP500cc Class
No. “7” Rider: Shinji Katayama

IJN Destroyer Asahi (Yuun type) Full Hull Special
Scale … 1: 700
Part Number … …… CH125
Release Date … Around December 8, 2019
Model Total Length … 170.5mm

New etching parts are added to reproduce the last morning frost (evening cloud type).

  • Wooden parts
  • Exhibition stand
  • Aluminum parts
  • Nameplate

Etching parts
Bridge roof with window frame, chimney rain guard, draft tower net, handrail, ladder, watertight door, torpedo hangar, detonation loading stand, ammunition box, skid beam, boat davit, twin wheel (reel), stern signal light・ Direction detectors (loop antennas), bow flagpoles, stern flagpoles, etc.

Product Specifications
2nd Torpedo Squadron 21st Destroyer Team Operation Tenichi No. 1 (Yamato Okinawa Special Operation) (April 1945)

Mitsubishi F-2A “Detail Up Version”
Scale … 1:48
Part Number … …… SP321
Release Date … Around December 8, 2019
Number of Parts … 179
Model Length … 328mm
Model Width … 244mm

Etched parts to upgrade the details of F-2 are included!
Decal is a special kit that reproduces the 2013 competition markings.

  • Etching parts
  • Seat belt
  • mirror
  • Discharge cable
  • Piping piping
  • AAM-3 missile fins
  • Additional tank fin parts, etc.

Decal (marking)
Air Self Defense Force 3rd Air Wing 8th Squadron affiliation machine “558” (Misawa Air Base)
Air Self-Defense Force 3rd Air Wing 3rd Squadron affiliation machine “557” (Misawa Air Base)
Air Self Defense Force 8th Air Corps 6th Squadron Affiliated Machine “563” (Tsuki Castle Base)

Sauber Mercedes C9
Scale … 1:24
Product No …. 20306
Release Date … Around December 11, 2019
Number of parts … 79
Model Total Length … 200mm
Model Full Width … 83mm

Decal (marking)
Sauber Mercedes Team CAR No.61
Sauber Mercedes Team CAR No.62

Charge Mazda 767B
Scale … 1:24
Part Number … …… 20312
Release Date … Around December 11, 2019
Number of Parts … 80
Model Total Length … 192mm
Model Full Width … 83mm

The seventh installment of the nostalgic C car series is the Charge Mazda 767B, which participated in the Le Mans 24-hour race in 1989.
The machine has an impressive orange + green and white stitched charge color.

Decal (marking)
Mazdaspeed Team Car No.202 (9th overall, 2nd GTP class)

F-4EJ Kai Super Phantom “302SQ F-4 Final Year 2019 (Black Phantom)”
Scale … 1: 72
Part number ……… 02302
release date … Around December 13, 2019

Decal (marking)
Air Self-Defense Force 7th Air Wing No. 302 Squadron F-4 Retirement Commemorative Paint Machine “399” (Black Paint) (Hyakuri Base: 2018-2019)

“Last Exile-Silver Wing Fam-” Vanship High Compression Steam Bomb Equipment
Scale … 1:72
Part Number ……… 64778
Release Date … Around December 13, 2019
Model Length … 193mm
Model Width … 87mm

A Tatiana aircraft equipped with a battleship attack bomb!

The hard point on the underside of the support wing that connects the spats and the fuselage reproduces the state where two bombs for battleship attacks were installed on the left and right. Comes with an exhibition stand.

Resin parts
High compression steam bomb

Decal (marking)
Tatiana machine, etc.

Volkswagen Type 2 Delivery Van “Tamago Girls Steampunk”
Scale … 1:24
Part Number … …… SP440
Release Date … Around December 15, 2019
Number of Parts … 70
Model Total Length … 180mm
Model Full Width … 72mm

the “Tamago Girls Illustration” drawn by Takashi Fujisawa on the entire steampunk-style car body. Set a large format decal. The body part color is brown black.

Mitsubishi Ki67 Type 4 Heavy Bomber Hiryu
Scale … 1:72
Part Number … …… CP19
Release Date … Around December 22, 2019

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