Greenstrawberry U.S.S. Defiant Hangars


Greenstrawbery has released two kits for the 1:420 scale U.S.S. Defiant. One of the kits is produced for the engines and exterior and the other is for the hangars of the ship. In this review, we will take a look at the kit produced for the hangars. In an upcoming article, we will look at the alternate set.

As always the Greenstrawberry set comes in a cardboard box that has a photo of the kit, kit number, and description on the front. The sides just have decorative patterns and the back of the box has a warning and Greenstrawberry’s website. The box contains instructions, water-slide decals, a phot-etch fret, and 15 resin pieces. The parts are packaged well but how they get to you all depends on the people who handle it during its journey to you.

The first thing we took a look at was the instructions. As in the usual Greenstrawberry fashion, they start with a sketch of the contents of the kit. The sketch shows you where to cut the pour stubs of the resin these places are marked in red. Then it goes into the information key so you can easily identify what has to be done at certain points of assembly. The instructions, for the most part, are easy to understand and follow along. Some parts of the instructions such as steps 2, 7, and 10 could be separated a little more to read them better. Steps 2 and 10 have multiple parts of the build together that could more easily be read apart.

Up next we have the decals. This is the first set of decals that I have encountered from Greenstrawberry. And, I have to say they did an excellent job on them. They are clean and legible and have very nice color saturation to them. The other very nice thing about the decals is there is very little carrier film for them. The film is right around the edges and you really will not have to worry about cutting excess film from the decals.

The photo-etch fret that comes with the kit is the A+ etch we always expect from Greenstrawberry. The photo-etch is nicely detailed in the areas it needs to be. Greenstrawberry always does a great job on small fine parts and they nailed it again with the ladders in this kit. They are small and delicate so you will need to take care when cutting them from the fret and bending them. The set is not a difficult set to work with and lends itself to a modeler just starting out with PE.

This kit comes with 15 resin pieces to work with. Some of the pieces have huge pour stubs so take care in cutting them and make sure you protect yourself from resin debris in the air. The pieces are cast in high-quality resin. The detail of the parts is crisp and clean for the most part. I only had a problem with one piece and that is the railing for the main landing bay. It is bent at the center and shouldn’t be. After doing some research looking for the piece and looking at Greenstrawberry’s site the rail should be perfectly level all the way around. How mine is bent warm water and bending may not return it to the shape it should be. The good thing is no one will really see the railing because of the location of the main landing bay on this ship. Everything else had minimal flash to no flash with nice clean crisp detail.

A nice feature of this kit is the added craft for the U.S.S. Defiant. There are two worker bees, two type 18 shuttles, and a type 10 Chaffee shuttle. At this scale, the worker bees are super tiny and you will definitely need your magnifiers to work on these. The other three shuttles are decent sized, have nice detail, and will make a nice addition to the kit.

Even though there are a few little deviations in this kit it is still an excellent and well-made kit by Greenstrawberry. The few flaws do not take this kit out of the running at all and if you are lucky enough to have a 420 scale Defiant you may want to take a look at this kit!!

We would like to thank Greenstrawberry for sending the kit over for review. If you are interested in this kit or other Greenstrawberry products please visit their site at


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