Well Barnabas is finished. I learned a lot from this build.

I do build pretty well. There were a lot of construction challenges to this,and I think I handled that part well.

I am not the greatest at painting. But, I can only get better, its just practice and research.

It was painted with craft acrylics. They performed well. Mix thoroughly, thin properly, and be prepared for more than one coat. To that end, if you mix a custom color, be prepared to make a larger batch to cover touchups and maybe resprays. Also 91 proof alcohol is an excellent cleaner for craft acrylic paints. If you are hand brushing you can put your hairy sticks in an ultrasonic cleaner and it will make them super clean. A little bit of hair conditioner on natural bristle brushes does wonders.

Research. I mentioned on the live feed that I had found an article in one of my Amazing Figure Modeler back issues, where a modeler more skilled than I told me all the problems I would have. To that end, I will go through my back issues of Amazing Figure Modeler, Modelers Resource and Kit builders and make a reference list. I think a simple Xcel spread sheet should do. It will be an ongoing project.

A punch list. I have a three ring binder I keep notes in and from now on each build will get an individual sheet(s) listing material, extra steps I want to do and the like.

Gather your materials. I was going to build a custom base with a grave and gravestone. To that end I had been saving coffee grounds and drying them out. Wife did not know what the pan of dried coffee grounds was for and tossed it.

This is an older kit that was designed to be a quick build for a kid. To that end it is what it is.

I decided to save the werewolf as Escape Hatch Hobbies has a conversion kit to make the I was a Teenage Werewolf monster. I am going to pull the trigger on that, and ask for it as a Christmas present, which means buy it myself next month.


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