Ann Takamaki is one of the main characters in the PS4 game Persona 5.

The Persona games generally revolve around a group of Japanese high school students awakening to special powers, enabling them to enter another dimension to battle enemies called Shadows using the physical manifestation of their psyche called Persona. Each game has a unique spin on this premise. Persona 3 had the “Dark Hour” where time would stop at midnight and a large tower would appear called Taterus, Persona 4 had the character entering another dimension through a TV in a department store. Persona 5 has the character finding an app on their phones which gives them access to the “Meta Verse”.

Ann Takamaki here is presented in her “Meta Verse” version. As part of the Phantom Thieves (the group you play as in the game), she goes by the code name Panther.

The kit was exceptionally cast, in fact, it fitted together so well that it could stand on its own with no glue!

Clean up was standard for any resin GK. Wash in warm soapy water to remove mold release agent and scrub with a toothbrush, and rinse in clean water. This step may need to be repeated if the release agent is stubborn. Just to make sure I have gotten all of it I then give the part a bath is some isopropanol alcohol. And release agent left will cause problems with paint adhesion later. Better to be sure it’s all gone rather than have paint peel later.

Pour tabs are removed and sanded down. Never cut flush with the part as that can cause stress on the part leasing to more clean up later.

This kit had the option to have the mask on or off which is a nice touch.

The mask was painted with a black base coat followed by Alclad Bright silver base and several light coats of Tamiya clear red to build up a nice candy coating. This is then given three coats of Tamiya gloss clear to seal it all in.

Custom colors are mixed for the hair, with a brown pre-shade this is then given a light coat of the custom color. This color is then lightened with white to apply a small amount of highlighting.

Skin tones are Mr. Hobby Lavicius range. These consist of base colors and clear colors overlaid the create different tones. Eyes are hand-painted with Vallejo acrylics and given gloss coat.

The suit was the biggest challenge for me. Red is a favorite of mine but I rarely use it as the primary color of a model. The body was first primed in white and several light coats of red lacquer were sprayed. Slowly building up the color to a brightness I was happy with. Getting this even across the whole figure was a challenge. Then as the suit is supposed to be shiny I used the trusty Tamiya Clear gloss. Altogether I applied 7 coats to build up the shine I wanted. The boots and gloves were a custom color mixed for me by my very good friend David who will henceforth be forever known as PAINT GUY!
The boots were given the gloss treatment and the gloves matt.

The base was just painted black.

All in all, I am very happy with the end result.


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