Ho! Ho! Ho!

Hello everyone and welcome to the HLI Christmas Group Build. The Group Build idea came about on our live stream. We figured we have a Halloween Group Build why not celebrate another holiday and that would be Christmas! So let’s get right into it and explain the rules to the group build.

The HLI Group Build Rules

1. You can build anything as long as you make it Christmas themed.
2. Your build can be whimsical such as a tank or starship painted in Christmas colors. Or you can make something serious like men at war in the field celebrating Christmas. Or even a toy store on Christmas Eve with children peering through the window. The choice is yours.
3. Please join the group and keep us up to date on your progress.
4. Start Date – 12/25/19
5. End DAte – 12/25/20
6. Have fun and enjoy the build!

You can find the group here https://community.hobbylinkinternational.com/groups/the-hli-christmas-group-build/

Please pass the word along and help our community grow!!

And here is a picture with the right dimensions if you plane to do youtube videos.


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