Welcome to MBI MOTY 2020!!

We have been running the SciFiantasy MOTY for a few years now and have decided to bring back the original MBI MOTY Contest for our military and civilian builders. We are posting up the rules now to give builders an ample amount of time to build and enter their models. We hope to see a lot of our friends from around the world joining the contest!

Please read through all of the rules of the contest carefully.

Rules :

1. You must be a registered member of Hobby Link International’s Community. Follow this link to register – https://www.community.hobbylinkinternational.com
2. The model must be a new unstarted kit for the contest.
3. You must post a picture of your unstarted kit with a date reference in the photo in the dedicated group.
4. Your entrance photo must be posted in this group for all to see for transparency.
5. Your build can be from any manufacturer, scratch built or modified as long as it is new.
6. You must be a member of this group. https://community.hobbylinkinternational.com/groups/mbi-moty-2020-online-contest/
7. Completed builds must be emailed to me or added to our DropBox the email is the same for both hobbylinkinternational@gmail.com.
8. Each Contestant can enter up to 5 builds per category.
9. No recasts are allowed to be entered in the contest. If an entry is found to be a recast it will be immediately disqualified.

Update and Finished Photos:

1. After your initial entry photo if you wish to have progress photos start an album in this group MBI MOTY 2020 with your builds name. ( MOTY 2020 – Tamiya 1:35 Tiger)
2. Finished Photos should either be emailed or sent to our Dropbox hobbylinkinternational@gmail.com for both.
3. You should have at least 5 photos of your build from different angles.
4. Your photos should be clear as this is an online contest and the judges will need the best possible photos.
6. Please limit your photo submissions to 25 photos per entry.

Entry Dates and Ending Dates :

1. MBI MOTY 2020 entrants can sign up September 22, 2019.
2. MBI MOTY 2020 last day for entries is December 27, 2020, by 11:59 p.m. EST.

Judging and Winners Announcements :

1. The contest will be judged by three judges from the modeling community.
2. The judges will be announced the day prior to the last day of entries.
3. There will be multiple categories for MBI MOTY 2020.
4. Each category will have a best of category winner.
5. The judges will choose the Model Of The Year winner and 2nd and 3rd from the best of category winners.
6. MBI MOTY 2020 Category, Second, Third and Model Of The Year winners will be announced on December 29, 2019, by 5:00 p.m. EST.

Awards :

1. Category winners will be awarded category champion glass awards.
1. Second and Third place awards will be custom glass awards. (subject to change)
2. Model Of The Year Award will be the MBI Renaissance Marble Globe Award.
3. MOTY, Second, and Third place awards are custom made and are made after the winners are determined.
4. Allow 4 to 8 weeks for delivery as stated above they will be custom engraved.

Categories MOTY 2019 Figure and Busts Contest:

1. Each category must have at least 5 entrants.
2. If the category does not get 5 entrants it will be either canceled or folded into another category close to the original category.
3. Civilian and Military Figures and Busts
4. Civilian Automotive (cars, motorcycles, trucks, etc)
5. Civilian Aircraft (planes, helicopters, jets, etc)
6. Civilian Ships (boats, ocean liners, tug boats etc)
7. Military Vehicles and Artillery (Tanks, IFV’s, APC’s, etc)
8. Military Aircraft (Fighter Jets, Helicopters, etc)
9. Military Ships (Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, etc)
10. Civilian and Military Dioramas and Vignettes

Entry Articles

All entries will be made into articles for the main site under the MOTY menu. When you submit your final photo’s please include manufacturer, scale, kit name, and any other information you would like to include for the article.


The rules of the contest can be changed without prior notice to the contestants. If the rules are changed we will make our best attempt to notify everyone in a timely manner. The contest may be canceled at any time without prior notice. All contestants are to abide by the rules of the contest. Anyone found cheating will be banned from Scifiantasy, its affiliate sites and any further contests that are held by Hobby Link International Inc.

For any questions please contact us here at hobbylinkinternational@gmail.com


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