Be A Kid Again... 2020 Group Build!!

Remember being a kid and just having fun building a kit? Ripping parts off the runner, huge gaps in the kit, glue dripping everywhere? I remember those days and I remember picking up this great hobby from my dad. It was a time we had limited supplies and we weren’t worried about having the latest greatest from some company out there. It was a time where we had hobby shops or saw models at the Five and Dime. We held the kit and our imaginations ran wild as to the outcome of our build. And a large percentage of the time we blew up what we built. No matter how much glue ran, how big the gaps were, or how much paint was in globs down the side we were proud and showed off our builds to anyone who would look.

The be a kid build is just about that getting back to our roots and having fun and enjoying the hobby again without the worries of trying to get every extra thing for it. Do you remember your first kit or what could have been your first kit? I don’t remember exactly what my first kit was but I know what it could have been because Big Grandma was always bringing home models. And, that is the plan for this build. We will be re-building our very first kit as a kid or even if you picked up the hobby, later on, build that kit! Some of us do not know our very first kit but that is ok just try to remember some of those first kits you built and pick one or more! So let’s get to the rules of the build…

1. The kit should be the very first kit you built or something you remember building when you got into the hobby.
2. No aftermarket or pe sets (aftermarket decals are ok if you have an older kit and the decals are no good).
3. Fillers for gaps are acceptable to use.
4. Airbrushing is fine (we are building like kids just with a big boy brush)
5. Join the official Be A Kid Group Build on the HLI Community and post your progress and finished builds –
6. If you post videos please post a link in the group
7. The most important rule is to have fun!!

The start date for this group build is January 1, 2020, and will end December 31, 2020. With the holidays upon us and lots to do we will begin this in the new year. This gives us time to find that kit and let our imaginations run wild!

All finished builds will be posted as articles on our main site so please try to keep some information on the build so we can post it along with your build. We hope to see a lot of you joining the group build and having fun! If you have any questions please email me at


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