Jeanne D'Arc Alter. Fate/Grand Order

The Fate series started off as a visual novel from Japan. It has spawned many anime series and video games.

The plot always revolves around Masters, who are mages summoning the spirits of heroes from the past to fight for the Holy grail. In the Fate universe, the Holy Grail allows the one who wins it to have their deepest desire granted. The Heroic Spirits ( referred to Servants) all fit into different classes. Hercules is a Berserker class for example

I won’t go into any more detail of the Fate universe as it’s frankly bewildering how much lore there is.

Here Jeanne is depicted in her Alter form. A servant of the Avenger Class.

This kit possed a few challenges. The biggest of which was The large banner was in 2 parts and needed fixing to a brass rod for the spear haft it attaches to. As the banner was very thin I could only get one pin into it and had to add material to have a decent anchor point to keep it stable. This was achieved by using chain wrapped around the rod and epoxying the banner to it. This, once fully set held it nice and firm and added a little extra detail.

The chain was also used for the cape. No chain was provided in the kit.

The painting was a joy to do on this kit. Mr. Hobby Lascivious range was used on the skin. The eyes were hand-painted. Vallejo metal color was used on the armor, steel then mixed in some pale burnt metal. Perhaps the hardest part for the paint on this figure was the cape and clothing. First, several coats of blue were sprayed, gradually darkening the color, white was sprayed on the edges of the clothing and this was then sprayed over with a deep red, I went up over some of the blues to create a fade between the two. These paints were custom mixed lacquers provided by my friend who shall be forever known as Paint Guy.

The base was a vivarium ornament. The skull is resin 3d printed. I used the skull as a way to help disguise the large pin needed to secure the spear to the base. The connection between it and the hand looked too fragile to me so a further stabilized it.

I am very happy with the end result. The pose conveys a sense of motion to the figure and the facial expression fits the personality of the character.

1:7 Scale Figure



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