Pollywog To Veteran Shellback

“Pollywog to Veteran Shellback”

Tiger Model’s ‘Cute Series’ F4U Corsair

These little kits are great and I enjoyed this build thoroughly. The proportions are fantastic; as cartoonish as it is there’s no doubt its a Corsair. The half and half idea I had since the beginning but I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. With every step I felt it was coming together nicely and by the end I was really happy with the result.

The wood base I purchased from a local craft store. I scored the carrier deck panels with the back of an X-Acto blade. The accessories on the factory half came from an Italeri 1/35 Field Tool Shop kit. Everything is finished in Model Master, Tamiya and Vallejo Air acrylics. I REALLY like how vibrant Model Master’s Zinc Yellow; really makes things pop.



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