Lotus Caterham

I built this car out of curiosity when I saw it in person I told myself it’s like building a big car but, only on a smaller scale. With all of the detail and parts, a lot of things can be studied. What interested me is the tubular frames and how the whole automobile stands. As I progressed the more and more features piqued my interest. The suspension system, the 4 cylinder engine and the bodies skin. It really is a nice car to have. I decided to try and push the bar. I asked one of our workers to fabricate the hood made of stainless steel. I made the pattern and guided him on how to bend the sides. He did an excellent job and it looks good and shiny! I then painted the car black with a blue ring on the grille. I also added a set of side mirrors similar to the photo on the box. This model was worth the time and effort. Now I’m wishing for the real car!


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