Greenstrawberry Landing And Positioning Lights PE Set

In this article, we will take a look at the last set of pe for the Bandai 1/72 scale PG Millennium Falcon. This set is not part of the Fruit Pack as the previous three sets of pe were. The kit number for this pe set is 00618-1/72.

The standard packaging for Greenstrawberry pe is also with this kit. The kit comes in a resealable plastic bag and a hard cardboard backing to keep the pe from bending. This is a small kit and comes with an instruction sheet and the pe sheet itself.

The instructions are well laid out and clear as usual for Greenstrawberry. At the top of the direction sheet is a photo of the pieces in the kit. Then the instructions go into the warnings and the key for callouts in the instructions. The instructions are a single sheet with instructions on both sides.

The sheet of pe is small with all parts on one sheet. There are 46 individual parts on the sheet labeled number 1 and 2. Number 1 are flat pieces of pe that have clear detail. They are a simple shape with a hole in the middle. These pieces will only need to be cut from the sheet and the nubs from cutting sanded off. They will be simply attached to the ship with no bending necessary. The second piece on the sheet are more complicated and will need to be bent into shape. The parts are thin and care must be taken when bending the pe. Too much bending with these fragile parts will lead to the breaking of the part. You need to also be careful removing these parts from the pe sheet. The detail is very good for these parts and will add that extra touch to your ship.

For a video unboxing of this pe set please follow this link to our YouTube Channel – Landing And Positioning Lights

These are pictures of the actual set that you saw in the video. A video is harder to show the detail so we have decided to show you still pictures of the set so you get a more informed article that will hopefully help you make your decision.

And here are the photos form Greenstrawberry with the pe set in use.

Kit Number – 06618-1/72

Price – $17.33

For this kit please follow this link ––130.html

For Greenstrawberry’s official site please follow this link

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