Greenstrawberry Millennium Falcon Cockpit And Gun Wells

In this article, we will take a look at the last pe set in the Fruit Pack for the Millennium Falcon in 1:72 scale from Greenstrawberry. This kit was made for the 1:72 scale Bandai Millennium Falcon Perfect Grade Kit. The third kit in the Fruit Pack is YT-1300 Millennium Falcon Cockpit and Gun Wells. The kit number is 06518-1/72.

We will start off as we always do with the packaging. Almost all of the pe sets are packaged in the same fashion. They are in a clear plastic resealable wrapper with a hard cardboard backing to keep the pe from bending. In this package comes the instructions, a small sticker, and the pe sheet.

The directions are the standard for Greenstrawberry. It is a fold-out booklet with the items in the kit at the top of the page. From there it goes into some information and then a key to show you what the callouts are during the building process. After that it goes into the build and how to fold the parts and where they go on the kit.

The first item in the kit is the sticker. The sticker is meant to simulate the back panel behind Han and Chewy. You can use this in place of painting the piece itself. I am not a big fan of stickers because heat and cold can affect them. What was a beautiful looking cockpit can turn to a so-so cockpit quickly with a sticker beginning to peel off.  But the choice is yours to use the sticker or paint the piece to replicate what we saw in the movie.

Next up we have the pe itself. The pe ranges from piece 1 to 42 but there are more parts than are numbered. So when building make sure to keep a close eye on part numbers and where they go. Because, for example, part 37 is six parts in total. The pe is well laid out on the sheet and the detail is crisp and clear. Because this set is for the cockpit you will be dealing with many small parts. Make sure you are careful with cutting and placing your pieces or you may end up with missing pieces from an expensive kit. Again this is an advanced pe set and prior pe experience would be a good thing and also having a good pe bender to make crisp clean bends would be handy.

Overall this is another very nicely detailed set from Greenstrawberry and will add that extra bit of detail to an excellent Millennium Falcon kit.

Here you will be able to find our video review on SciFiantasy YouTube

And here are the pictures of the pe that I took so you can get a better look at what you may be purchasing.

And here are the pictures from Greenstrawberry with the pe in use.

Kit Number – 06518-1/72

Price – $22.57

For this kit please follow this link–129.html

For the Fruit Pack please follow this link–140.html

For the official Greenstrawberry website please follow this link

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