Eduard May 2018 Releases


Eduard May 2018 Releases

Albatros D. V 1/48
Cat.No.: 8113

MiG-21MF interceptor 1/72
Cat.No.: 70141

Afrika DUAL COMBO 1/48
Cat.No.: 11116
Bf 109F and Bf 109G-2 flown by German forces in Africa. Scale plastic kit

Avia B-534 I. series 1/72
Cat.No.: 7446

Albatros D. V OVERTREES 1/48
Cat.No.: 8113X

Bf 109F-4 OVERTREES 1/48
Cat.No.: 82114X I

Bf 109G-2 OVERTREES 1/48
Cat.No.: 82116X

Bf 109G-4 OVERTREES 1/48
Cat.No.: 82117X

MiG-21MF interceptor OVERTREES 1/72
Cat.No.: 70141X

MiG-21MF fin w/ separated rudder OVERTREES 1/72
Cat.No.: 70148X

MiG-21 weapons set OVERTREES 1/72
Cat.No.: 70149X

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International


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