SciFiantasy Jupiter 2

Mark Myers has entered 18″ Diameter Moebius Jupiter 2 from Lost in Space in the 2018┬áMOTY Online Contest.

Since the outer hull is based on the 4′ Filming Model, I converted my build into the “Hero”

The ship is painted Flat Aluminum
I filled in and sanded smooth the exterior hatch(per the Filming model)
I scratch built the practical interior seen in the Derelict and Ghost Planet.
I added four figures(again, per the filming model), in the viewport
The model is slightly weathered.
I scratch built both the scanner and fusion core internal lighting mechanisms. The mechanical fusion core features six lights, sixty degrees apart that spin via a variable speed potentiometer. Both the scanner in the upper bubble and the Fusion core spin at the same speeds as they are tied into the same potentiometer.
SCALE interior lighting.
The landing gear is removable so the model can be displayed in a Flying or landing position. The gear is the “hero” gear from Paragrafx.
The launch tower was purchased a number of years ago from TSDS. It is airbrushed silver. The model is rigged for filming and I have included links to several videos to see the lights in action.

This build will be entered in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Dioramas all scales category.