SciFiantasy Halo 4 Master Chief

Halo 4 Master Chief Sprue-kit Bandai OOB build thoughts.

I received this kit as a gift for Christmas. I am a massive Halo fan and had not been able to find the Level 3 kit at a good price, so I was very happy to get this as a gift.

For those who are unfamiliar with Bandai’s Sprukit line. They were intended for a western market and were popular figures from games and movies. Similar in construction to the Gundam kits they also come in 3 levels. 1 being very basic, 2 more detailed and 3 being the high end of the line. The level 1 and 2 kits didn’t interest me as they looked too blocky for my liking. The level 3 seem to hit the nice spot of detail, accuracy, and articulation. Unfortunately, due to Bandai not really marketing the line, it seems to of died out.

My initial thoughts on opening the box are that this is a Gundam kit. The parts are in color and laid out on the sprues just like any Gundam. A slight disappointment was the lack of a color guide. This seems odd as I am sure that western modelers paint. Maybe the kits are aimed at a younger audience or they expected them to be sold more as toys rather than a model kit. Regardless, some searching online will provide all the information needed.

Of particular note is the visor. It comes in two parts. The outer part has a texture on the reverse side, this will I think take a wash to give a nice pattern on the visor, while the inner part call for a foil sticker to give the reflective look. I will not be using the sticker, I will be going with a chrome paint to achieve the effect.

The more boxy look of the level 1 and 2 kits are pretty much gone from this level 3 kit. The weapons, a Battle rifle, assault rifle, and pistol along look nicely detailed. I would prefer they were in more parts just for ease of painting.

The build is very simple. The parts are attached to the runners with very small tabs, in fact, the instructions say to just pull the parts off. Of course doing this leaves many nub marks. I have left the nub marks to show how the model will look straight out of the box. We will see the difference after clean up, paint, and weathering.

The kit is articulated in the arms, legs, head, and body allowing for the model to be posed in a multitude of ways. You can recreate your favorite scene from the games, It would be nice if there was a covenant Elite or Brute to create a battle diorama.

It is a shame that Bandai seems to have abandoned this line of kits. If you were looking to get a younger person into the model making hobby these would be a great place to start. Easy to build, articulated and looks pretty good just straight built. All in all a fun build and a nice representation of the character. Can’t wait to get to painting him.