SciFiantasy VF-1D Valkyrie Trainer

Adam Courville has entered his VF-1D Valkyrie Trainer

Here is an old 1:72 scale Revell kit of the Changers series from the mid-eighties. They were based on the mecha designs from the Japanese Macross TV show from the same era. The Revell kit was originally called Orbot and had a desert camouflage scheme featured on the kit box. I changed the color scheme(using Tamiya acrylics) to match the VF-1D Valkyrie trainer. These kits could easily change to three available action modes, which are fighter plane, gerwalk and battroid. Arms, legs and various articulated parts are assembled separately and then press fitted at the joints. The main joints are the old poly caps embedded into the model at strategic points. Transforming from fighter plane to gerwalk is by simply manipulating key areas with the available components mostly in place. To change to battroid mode the model is taken apart and the cockpit/nose is swapped for a torso part to complete the transformation. The original Japanese kits were similar to the American ones with the exception of representing the Macross color scheme and markings. Because of the thirty-plus year age of the kit, the poly cap joints are not as firm. Despite this, it can still be transformed and posed with some adjustments.

This build will be entered in Sci-Fi and Fantasy Ships and Vehicles all Scales category.