SciFiantasy Crypt Keeper

Here you go all my fellow Halloweeners (SciFiantasy) Kenny and (TrekWorks) Boyd. My build is finished. It’s my Metal Music from the Crypt vinyl model. I decided to show the kinds of music old Crypt Keeper listens to while he spins his tales of woe.

I picked, in my opinion, the best metal rock albums to be custom framed using miniature cardboard frames which I then covered using a Halloween themed wire ribbon. I printed out the album covers then glued them to the frames. See if you can tell what albums they are :).

For my backdrop wall, I got a plastruct faux stone wall, painted it black then washed with a dirt tan and stone grey mix.

For the base, I got a wood base from Hobby Lobby, added some pumice coarse gel, added some skeleton parts for the spoooooky factor, painted it all black. I then dry brushed a mix of dirt sand and white for the bones and that same wash mix I used for the wall.

On the book, I printed out some more album covers and glued it to the inside to simulate pages in his “guide to metal” book.

For señor Crypt Keeper I used webbing for his hair and glued it down, toupee style.

All in all a fun build. Happy Halloween my feller Halloweeners!

Build and Article By Omar Baez