SciFiantasy Gundam Bael

From the Gundam anime series Iron-Blooded Orphans, we have the Gundam Bael.

This kit is 1/100 but not from the Master Grade ( MG ) line. All the Gundam from the IBO line shares the same internal frame, similar to the Frame Arms kits from Kotobukiya.

I had avoided the IBO line as they seemed like a step backward. After seeing this kit I had to get it. I am a sucker for kits with wings.

The kit is like a large HG. The Full mechanic’s tag means it has a little more detail on the frame than the regular IBO kits. Construction is simple and straightforward. This was the limited edition and came with a white pearl action base.

Of particular note with this build is the weathering. The paint scheme is fairly simple, metallics for the frame and white and blue for the armor. Upon completing the basic paint I thought it needs something more.

Using a combination of oil “gunk wash”, sponge chipping, hand painted chipping and pigments I weathered the kit to look like it had seen some use on the battlefield. With Weathering, it is important to know when to stop or you will just end up with a mess.

The possible poses that can be achieved with this kit in combination with the action base are amazing. Although the backpack can really unbalance the kit.

While I do wish that these were MG kits I am really impressed with the IBO line. Fingers crossed for a future MG release.