SciFiantasy AT-AT

Bandai 1/144 AT-AT

From Star Wars Episode 5 The Empire Strikes Back we have Bandai’s 1/144 scale AT-AT

A great kit, and in my opinion far superior to the larger Revell offering.

This was a commission piece and the client has kindly allowed me to share it with you all. The kit is very easy to build with most of the seam lines hidden in the construction. I was asked to do a straight build and paint with some weathering.

Painted using the mixes called out in the instructions, I started with a pre-shade after priming followed by picking out the center of the panels with a lighter mix of the base color ( Tamiya Flat white and Neutral gray ). This was then sprayed with a blending coat of the base color to tie it all in.

With a kit at this scale, weathering can pose a problem. Initially, the plan was to do heavy weathering with chipping and streaking. I started with what has become one of my favorite techniques. A “Gunk wash”.

This is where you apply oil paint all over the parts and then wipe off most of the paint with a lint-free cloth ( a clean rag will work well too ). Once most of the oil paint is removed you can create streaking effects, panel lines are defined and it can enhance the effect of the pre-shade and highlighting done in the previous steps.

I was really pleased with the results of the gunk wash and after showing my client it was decided that any heavier weathering would not add anything to the kit.

The base was painted with a pre-shade of blue then flat what over the top. And really other than a flat coat over the kit.

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