SciFiantasy Thanos

Omar Baez has entered his Thanos build in the MOTY 2018 Contest.

This is a 1:6 scale resin kit for Thanos, The Mad Titan from Marvel Comics. It was a 5 piece kit that I cleaned up, sanded down and then modified the infinity gauntlet glove by removing the resin smooth stones and adding actual rhinestones to simulate the infinity stones. This made them more reflective for lighting.

I used Krylon gold leaf for the gold parts of his costume and then Aclad blue and transparent blue for the blue portions. I added some shading using a grey neutral wash on the blue parts and a very light rust weathering on the gold parts. His skin coloring was a satin acrylic plum. I again added a wash to bring out the details on his face. All in all it was a fun kit to work on and paint.

This build will be entered in the Figures 75 mm and Taller category.