SciFiantasy Sand Trooper

“Let me see your identification” –Favourite phrase of the Sandtroopers along the Galaxy-

Who doesn´t like those beautiful Star Wars statues by Kotobukiya?  They are nicely sculpted…by not so nicely pre-painted in some cases.  That´s what happens with the weathering of the Sandtroopers. It is really ugly. So I decided to repaint it.

Another problem with these figures is the mold lines. If you want to treat the figure as a scale model you must eliminate those nasty lines. No discussion.

My first intention was to repaint and weather it but after painting the white coat and the shading of the angles it looked so good to me that I left it just that way, no weathering at all. He has just got off the shuttle.

To fully repaint these figures it is not affordable if you have dozens of them but they are so wonderfully sculpted that I think it worth the effort to improve some of them.