Bandai Master Grade NU-Gundam VER.KA

My first submission to Scifiantsy.

This is the 1:100 scale Master Grade Nu-Gundam Ver.Ka by Bandai. This Suit comes from the anime Mobile Suit Gundam: Chars’s Counter Attack and Is piloted  protagonist Amouro Ray.

The kit is a snap-fit kit and fully articulated.

My build of this model has a fully painted inner frame, a slight customization of the standard armour colours and an LED unit in the head.

As can be seen the pictures of the frame there are clear green parts, these can be exposed by opening up sections of the armour. The frame is painted using a two-tone scheme with Alclads, Dark aluminum and Aluminum withs some parts picked out in pale gold and chrome.

The armour is painted in Tamiya flat white and Vallejo Modle Air blue with Model colour Londaon gray used to pick out some sections. It was given a gloss coat for panel lining and decals then a Matt coat to seal it all in.

The Nu-Gundam was built for the UK Gunpla Builders Facebook groups 2015 Freestyle build off and came in second, it was also entered in the Model of the Month contest on SciFiantasy and also came second. All in this kit took 2 months to build and paint.