Nuts & Bolts Vol.38 Jagdpanzer IV, Part 2 – L/70 (Sd.Kfz.162/1) (Vomag & Alkett)


As previously announced we continue with part 2 on the history of the Jagdpanzer IV. This describes the two versions developed by the companies VOMAG and ALKETT; both types were armed with the 7.5 cm Pak 42 L/70, an anti-tank gun that derived from the famous gun of the Panther. If you take into account that the series production of both versions did not commence until August 1944, it is really surprising that by the end of the war (only 8 months later,) 970 VOMAG and 277 ALKETT vehicles with this armament were built. However, both versions had no major impact on the course of the war.

Book details:

  • by Joachim Baschin, Martin Block
  • published on May 15, 2017
  • soft cover
  • German & English texts
  • 208 pages
  • 393 photos (160 historic, 19 model, 214 modern)
  • 42 blueprints
  • 17 camouflage schemes, tactical markings, table of organisation (KStN)
  • only 29.90€
  • Available from Nuts & Bolts website.

The book follows the same format as usual. The texts are in English and German with the English texts on the left of the page and the German on the right. All images and photographs have captions in both languages. The English translation is excellent. Now, let’s take a look inside the book to see what we get.

There is a table of contents which lists all the various sections of the book, as below.

  • Historical and technical development and production p3
  • Additional projects p20
  • Organisation and structure of anti tank units p20
  • Camouflage and markings  p25
  • History of anti tank units p26
  • Summary p59
  • Museum Vehicles p60
  • Modelling the Panzer IV/70 (V) and (A) series p61
  • Acknowledgements p 63
  • Bibliography p64
  • Abbreviations p65
  • Contemporary Photos
    • Panzer IV/70(V) a technical view p66
    • 1944-45 Western Front p79
    • 1944-45 Eastern Front p90
    • Panzer IV/70(A) a technical view p101
    • 1944-45 Western Front p108
    • 1944-45 Eastern Front p116
  • Drawings p120
  • Colour Profiles p138
  • Preserved Vehicles and Components p147
  • Modelling p 203

This book covers both types of the Jagdpanzer IV with the long 75 mm gun, as well as briefly touching upon other variants that were supposed to replace these two. The book is lavishly illustrated with period black-and-white photographs throughout. All the texts are in English and German and the English translations are perfect. There are also sections on modelling these vehicles as well as modern photographs of vehicles and vehicle components in museums.

The book starts by talking about them Vomag vehicle and goes into its development and technical details including armour and armament before moving on to internal equipment and production. The same topics and then covered with the Alkett version of the vehicle. There then follows some brief descriptions of the Jagdpanzer IV/70(E) that were supposed to replace both these versions but never made it into production. Some additional projects and full technical specifications of both types of vehicle that were produced and the intended replacement are supplied.

The next main topic is a section on the organisational structure of the anti-tank units showing how many vehicles of each type were in a company. In this section camouflage and markings also discussed and how the vehicles left the factories in 1944 and 1945 and where the camouflage was applied.

The next main section deals with the the allocations of vehicles to tank an anti-tank units and in this section all the units that received vehicles are listed along with when they received them, how many and details of where the units are located and how many vehicles they were reporting as still having on strength at various times, right up to the end of the war in some cases. In this same section is a large table that shows the allocation of vehicles to the various units. In this table you can see exactly how many vehicles were allocated to each unit from the first vehicles in August 1944 right up to the last 20 vehicles in April 1945. Accompanying this is a table showing how many vehicles each of the various units had available at various times in the last seven months of the war.

Now we move onto modelling the Jagdpanzer IV/70 and there’s a complete list of kits and aftermarket sets currently available and an overview of the pros and cons of some of the different manufacturers. After this is a comprehensive bibliography listing 38 primary and secondary sources used in the production of this book.

Next follows what is probably the most interesting part of the book for a lot of people; the black-and-white photographs. This section starts with the Vomag vehicles and starts with technical views before moving on to the Western front and then the Eastern front. The same order of photographs is then followed with the Alkett vehicles. There are roughly 136 photographs in this section. All the photographs have captions that give information on the vehicles in the photographs as well as points of note on the vehicles themselves.

A full set of 1/35 scale diagrams, the last set produced by John Rue before his passing, follows in the next section. The diagrams show both types of vehicles as well as command vehicles from all directions as well as from above and side. Vehicles from different production times are also shown so you can see the differences in such things has side skirts at various times. Drawings of parts of the vehicle that change significantly during the short production run are shown separately. Following this are the colour plates showing 16 colour plates of vehicles that were shown in the earlier black-and-white photographs.

Following this we move on to the modern colour photographs of vehicles in museums and collections. There are over 200 colour photographs showing practically every part of the vehicle from full and close-up exterior views to views of the engine and interior. There are also photographs of parts of the vehicles that are not normally fitted to vehicles in museums such as the various radios used as well as the small arms stored inside the vehicle.

The last pages of the book rounded off with views and descriptions of some very good quality 1/35 scale models.

This volume rounds out the coverage of the Jagdpanzer IV by nuts and bolts. This volume you get every possible detail you might need to know about the L/70 version of this vehicle. If your building, or interested in, the Jagdpanzer IV L/70 them this is the only reference book you will ever need.


Many thanks to  Nuts & Bolts for sending this book along for us to have a look at.

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International


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