Iliad Design 1/48 Pre-War Spitfires


Iliad Design have re-released their Pre-War Spitfires decal sheet 48003 but have updated it to contain an extra aircraft. The re-issue of the sheet contains 6 pre-war Mk I Spitfires, as against the 5 on the earlier printing. The original decal sheet sold well and has been out of stock pretty much everywhere for a while now. This set can be used on any 1/48 Mk I Spitfire kit.

The decal set arrived form Iliad decals in a stout cardboard envelope. The subjects of this sheet are:

  • 19 Squadron, RAF Duxford 1938.
  • 54 Squadron, RAF Hornchurch, early summer 1939.
  • 609 Squadron just before the war.
  • 19 Squadron, RAF Duxford May 1939.
  • 14 Squadron, RAF Hornchurch May 1938.
  • 41 Squadron RAF Catterick, 1939.

The set contains just the aircraft specific decals and you would use any stencils from the kit you’re using.

The contents of this set are:

  • 1 double sided colour sheet of instructions
  • 1 20 cm x 12.5 cm decal sheet

The instruction sheet is well done and covers everything you need to know. The front of the instruction sheet shows the port sides of all 6 aircraft and a short description of them. It names all the colours used as well as giving you particulars about that particular aircraft such as the number of blades on the propeller. You can see the panel lines so you can use those to aid you in decal placement. The reverse of the sheet shows the 2 camouflage patterns used on these aircraft and gives you a couple of starboard side views so you can get the other side of the aircraft painted correctly. There are also 4 possibilities for the underside of the aircraft that are clearly shown and again the colours used are named.

The decal sheets, as you can see in the photographs and the video, are perfectly in register and the colours appear to be correct too. The backing film is minimal to non-existent except in places where it is needed to line things up in the text.

This set is available for $12.00 from Iliad Design’s site.

This is a very nice decal set with some interesting options. It sold well before and it’s probably going to sell well again.

Many thanks to Iliad Design for the review sample.

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International


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