Modelcollect 1/72 E-75 SPG


The E-75 was intended to be the standard heavy tank to be used as a replacement of the Tiger II and Jagdtiger. The SPG, as shown in this kit, was of course going to be the Jagdtiger replacement. The only people making the E-75 in this scale are Modelcollect. Luckily they’re doing a good job!

The kit arrives in a sturdy top opening box. Inside the box, as you can see in the video, everything is bagged inside a resealable bag. The sprues are all in grey plastic

The number of parts is:

  • 211 plastic parts on 7 sprues
  • 1 brass barrel
  • 3 small PE frets containing 31 parts
  • One small decal sheet

The level of detail on this kit is very impressive, especially for 1/72 scale, and the part count is very high for a 1/72 scale kit too. The sprue attachment points are small and won’t take much clean up and the ejector pin marks are all on the sprues themselves as far as I can see and so won’t need any dealing with.

The instruction booklet is a single piece of glossy paper folded to produce 4 pages of build instructions, 1 page of paint and decal instructions a sprue layout page and an intro page. The painting page covers a single vehicle but you do have a selection of decals to use. This vehicle was never produced so you can really do pretty much what you want.

The black and white diagrams on the 12 build steps are clearly laid out and there’s not too much on each step. The steps are:

  1. Making the PE pepper pot muzzle brake and adding it to the brass barrel before fitting it in the mantlet and attaching it to the hull top.
  2. Adding tools, hooks and towing cables to the left side of the hull top.
  3. Adding tools, hooks and towing cables to the right side of the hull top.
  4. Adding grills and hatches to the hull top. The grills are done in PE.
  5. Adding the doors to the rear hull hatch and then adding that hatch to the upper hull.
  6. Putting together the drive sprockets and parts of the suspension.
  7. Fitting those parts to the lower hull
  8. Fitting the wheels and drive gear.
  9. Adding the exhausts and jack to the rear hull plate.
  10. Fitting the link and length tracks.
  11. Fitting the rear hull plate to the lower hull.
  12. Attaching the top and bottom halves of the hull and then fitting the mudguards.

The painting instructions give Ammo paints throughout. The painting guides themselves full colour and easy to understand. Decal placement is also on these diagrams although as you can see in the image gallery they’re not actually labelled.

The decals themselves look very nice, with almost no backing film visible, and since this vehicle was never produced you can use whatever decals you fancy.

I found this kit for sale for $21.99 at Sprue Brothers.

Overall this is a very nicely detailed kit with the plastic itself has some fine details and the kit as a whole has a large part count and hence lots of details. This is the only kit of the Patriot system available complete with tractor in this scale.

Many thanks to Modelcollect for sending the sample for review.

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International


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