Review Nuts & Bolts Vol.24 Pz II D/E, Marder II D, FlammPz II


This is a flick through the pages of a previous Nuts & Bolts volume. If you want to know about the Pz II D/E, Marder II D, FlammPz II in depth, then this is the book for you.

The book contains 160 pages A4, glue-bound, approx. 274 photos, of these 237 historical shots of the Panzer II Ausf. D/E, Flammpz II, Marder II Ausf. D with all known variants (Bridgelayer and driving school tank.) in b/w, many of them unpublished; 11 colour photos of still existing bunkers with Pz IID/E turrets in Norway, 26 colour photos of all three models from Tony Greenland, English / German captions, 37 pages English / German text, 16 pages of scale drawings from all versions in 1:35 scale from John Rue with additional 24 detailed views, 13 pages of camouflage schemes and graphics of tactical markings from Laurent Lecocq, and table of organization of units using the Pz.Kpfw. IID/E, the Flamm-Pz. and the Marder II Ausf. D, first published September 15th, 2009

Book details:

  • by Joachim Baschin
  • published on September 15, 2009
  • soft cover
  • german & english texts
  • 160 pages
  • 274 photos (237 historic, 26 model, 11 modern)
  • 10 blueprints
  • 10 camouflage schemes, tactical markings, table of organisation (KStN)
  • only 29.90€ available from Nuts & Bolts

The book follows the same format as usual. The texts are in English and German with the English texts on the left of the page and the German on the right. All images and photographs have captions in both languages. The English translation is excellent. Now, let’s take a look inside the book to see what we get.

There isn’t a table of contents, although the latest issues have started including them. Here’s a list of all the various sections of the book:

  • Pz II D and E Historical and development p 2
  • Technical Data p5
  • Service, Units, Camouflage  p 11
  • Contemporary Photos p 16
  • Drawings p 40
  • Bridgelayer p 49
  • Flammpanzer Historical and development p 52
  • Contemporary Photos p 16
  • Drawings p 85
  • Marder II Historical and development p 90
  • Contemporary Photos p 98
  • Drawings p 123
  • Fahrschulpanzer p 128
  • Ringstande p 131
  • Models p 138
  • Colour Plats p 142
  • Models again p 156

This book is essentially 3 books in one, each covering their own vehicle based on the hull of the Pz II D and E. The section on the Pz II D/E covers the first 51 pages of the book. There’s a full write up of the development of the vehicle and which units used it and when, but the main part of this section is the 77 period black and white photographs. There follows a full set of 1/35 line drawings that also includes details of the tracks, running gear and other parts of the tank.

The next short section is on the bridge layer, which is basically a standard Pz II D with a bridge stowed on top. There’s 2 period photos of this vehicle and lines drawings of 4 views.

The next larger section of the book is on the Flammpanzer II and it roughly follows the layout of the first big section, We start with the development and armament before moving on tot he service history, usage and camouflage. There then follows about 75 period black and white photographs. Again there’s a section containing 14 scale drawings showing the variations in Flammpanzers depending what mark of Pz II was used to make it.

Finally we move onto the Marder II and start with the development, technical data, armament,  combat service and camouflage. Then there the usual big black and white period photo section, this time containing 72 photgraphs. Again we have a set of 1/35 scale drawings that show the vehicle from every angle.

Next we have 2 short sections, the first of which is on the driving school panzers where Pz II had their turrets removed for driver training vehicles. There’s a couple of photographs and a couple of 1/35 scal edrawings of these. Then we cover the fate of the removed turrets as they were put in fixed bunkers in norway and Denmark.  There’s details of a couple of styles of bunkers uses, along with drawings and 11 modern colour photos of bunkers that are still in existence.

The final sections of the book are on modelling and the colour plates. It starts with a discussion of what models are available of the Pz II D/E and variants. Bear in mind this book was written in 2009 so it doesn’t mention Bronco’s D1 and bridge layer vehicles. Next are 27 colour plates all based on black and white photos earlier in the book. You’re given a reference so you know which photo a particular plate is based on. Finally we have a build of each of the 3 main vehicle types, Pz IID/E, Flammpanzer and Marder II and a description of the builds.

This volume is up to the usual high standards of this series. If you’re building a model of the Pz II D or E, Flammpanzer II or a Marder II then this is the only reference volume you need.

Available from Nuts & Bolts website.

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Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International


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