Review MiniArt 1/35 Wine Bottles & Crates


The kit arrives in an end opening box typical for figure kits of many manufacturers. The box contains one sealed plastic bag containing 12 small sprues. The bottle sprues are held together with a couple of elastic bands, one for each colour of bottle, and all are snugly secured inside a plastic bag. There are 12 crate sprues in brown with nice wood grain detail, 6 red bottle sprues and 6 green bottle sprues. There are 324 parts in total.

The parts are nicely detailed and the sprue attachments points are located out of the way as far as possible, usually on what will be the bottom of the glass or bottle. The only ejector pin marks were on the sprue trees and not on the parts.

The instructions on the back of the box are really clear and assembly for this kit is pretty quick. Using this kit is mostly just making the crates.

Another simple to put together set from MiniArt to enhance your diorama.

Many thanks to MiniArt for the review sample.

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International


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