X-Wing Fighter

Another Star Wars work. Yep, I love this saga. The Fine Molds kit is excellent, so easy to assemble that I felt the necessity to add some detailing. The scratch job is mostly made with styrene pieces, as usual. Painted with Model Air acrylics, I pre-shaded before the white paint. The red markings were painted using masks instead of using the decals, I think that painting them is easier. The panel lines were marked with a sliding pencil. I think that the trick for a nice finish for this kind of ship is to make a sharp profiling of the raised elements, this is especially important on the panel behind the R-2 unit, I used black oil paint diluted with enamel thinner for this task. I wanted to display the ship with the wings in attack position so I needed to build some jacks to support the ship. Probably the Rebels would have a better system to do the maintenance of the ships so this gave me the idea that this subject might be a captured fighter being examined in some imperial facility. I added an imperial pilot in the cockpit to enhance that idea though in some pictures you may notice that he is kind of distracted.