Mining Rig From Wild House Models

We’ve been working on a new kit for Hostile Realms and here is the first set of 3D Renders of the 1:24 Scale Mining Rig. We are planning to sell this kit with a 1:24 scale mining figure too.

The Rig itself will come with 3 different drill heads and be around 25 parts plus figure. You can also pose the rig in different positions to suit how you want to assemble and show off the finished model.




Apart from the the ‘dome’ drill head shown above, we have a long traditional drillbit and a rotating set of bits for more aggressive rock!



The rear of the unit features the main drive train engine and control circuits shown below in the pictures.drillbit3_4




drillbit3_3Here is the 3 main drill heads and their parts in close-up detail so you have plenty of options when modelling this kit.exploded_drillbits

The leg assembly for each foot of the Mining Rig will enable you to raise or lower the main unit and the base fully rotates around the leg assembly so the Rig can be turned into the position you like. We are also planning to create a 1:24 scale mining figure and Mati our sculptor will be working on this soon.exploded_drill_legs


Do let us know what you think and we hope to have more news on this kit in the coming months.