Behold, the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE™ NCC-1701-D clear polystyrene edition, with custom lighting and a touch pad lighting interface. For reasons I can’t explain, Enterprise D to me is the sleekest and most modern looking of the enterprises, which is why I chose it as my very first attempt at modeling. Although I enjoyed building models as a kid, this model is my first attempt at making something that looks semi-respectable. The lighting system consists of numerous led lighting strips, and few led omnidirectional towers. I suppose what makes this build unique to others is the base. The design was actually made in powerpoint, following the LCARS design principles. Certain design icons such as the warp drive and the enterprise diagram were taken from previously made schematics. The touch panel itself is actually a bit misleading in design. I’ve used an Arduino Uno with 3 capacitive touch sensors placed underneath the acrylic sheet, corresponding to the respective activating buttons. The rest is just code! Which I’m happy to admit I received help with, as can be seen in the acknowledgment section of the model. It was a great learning experience, and you can bet this model won’t be my last. If you have any questions, or you’d be interested in a having one made for yourself, I’d be pleased to hear from you,

Sebastian Hadjiantoniou – Author