SciFiantasy Star Wars Tie Fighter

Let us give a chance to Sci-Fi modeling. This Fine Molds kit is really well detailed which makes the painting process much easier. This build represents an Imperial Tie fighter under repair after severe damage to one of the wings. The new wing represents an unpainted spare part so we can see the components in its original state. The repair bay is made with unused pieces from old models and some scratch built pieces. This time I wanted a clean look, like those hi-tech Formula 1 cars under repair where you see no dirt, so there is no need for weathering. The paint of the main ship is painted with Model Air colors, a base coat of light grey and the center of the panels were highlighted with white. The spare wing paint is a base of aluminium, then some elements are airbrushed with yellow clear to imitate a “brass” primer layer. Then I painted the rest of the panels and elements with a fine brush in greenish and yellowish tones to imitate other primer colors. Next I applied a protective coat of gloss acrylic varnish so I could profile the raised details and panel lines with black oil paint diluted with white spirit. The repair bay is painted the same way in an “Imperial grey” tone (some sort of blueish dark grey). The transparent film of the energy panels represents a kind of protective cover. The satin finish is made with a mix of Model Air satin and gloss varnish.

It´s not the last time you´ll see Sci-Fi stuff in Scaleworks. Hope you enjoy it.

Diego Quijano – Author

DQ Scale Works