This Sazabi ver Ka kit sat snapped together on my bench for the best part of 2014, but I finally decided to paint and add the metal parts to him during December 2014.

All the blue paints are nail polish. I thinned them down roughly 50/50 with General Purpose thinners until they could be airbrushed.

All other colors were done with Mr. Color lacquers (silver, gold, steel and metallic black) and Alclad II (Magnesium).

The metal parts were from the set that was released on many 3rd party stores early 2014. I used 75% of the parts as some didn’t need to be installed as it didn’t do much to improve the look.

Decals are the Bandai sheet that came with the kit, and only about 1/3rd was used (only the main ones and not too many of the small warning ones).

The base is a simple picture frame with a quick design I made in Photoshop.