Hasegawa April 2017 Releases – Updated


Hasegawa April 2017 Releases

1/72 Churchill Mk.I/II & Daimler Mk.II “Dieppe Raid” (2 kits) Limited Edition

Barely on the beach. Waves pull the oil back out over the surface of the Atlantic. Steam hisses from red hot fenders. Black smokes curls from burning wrecks, driving the gulls back from the quiet port of Dieppe. From tideline to uncrossable sea wall, crumpled forms lay where they fell. 100, 200, 1,000… who can say? Like maple leaves in autumn, the Canadians are strewn across the shingle beach. Grey uniforms lead the shackled, shattered khaki-clad remnant towards the rear. Kit features a Churchill and Daimler armored car specially modified and with decals for the Dieppe Raid.

Decal Option: Royal Canadian Army

Skill Level 3
56 / 50 pieces
Length: (Churchill) 4.1 in (104 mm); (Daimler) 2.2 in (65.5 mm)
Width: (Churchill) 1.8 in (45 mm); (Daimler) 1.3 in (34 mm)

1/24 Subaru Impreza WRX 1993 RAC Rally Limited Edition

Impressive Impreza. It may not look like much, but the Subaru Impreza has been driven to several key rally victories including the Wales Rally GB. Colin McRae took it to three impressive victories in that rally. Ari Vatanen has achieved one so far. This challenging rally features sections in forests and in front of grandstands on sweeping estates. The incredibly varied driving conditions present an almost unique test to drivers and vehicles alike. This limited edition kit features decals for 1993 RAC (Wales Rally GB) Rally drivers Colin McRae and Ari Vatanen.

Decal Options:

1993 RAC Rally Car No.2 Driver: Colin McRae
1993 RAC Rally Car No.5 Driver: Ari Vatanen

Skill Level 3
133 pieces
Length: 7.3 in (185 mm)
Width: 2.9 in (73 mm)

1/24 Nisseki Trust Porsche 962C Limited Edition

All Japan auto. Porsche has created countless competitors over the years. However, the 962C remains one of the brand’s best designs over thirty years after its original release. The 962C competed in 1989’s All Japan Sports Prototype Car Endurance Championship, where it took on Fuji Speedway’s ten taut turns and impressive 0.9 mile (1.5 km) long straights. This limited edition kit features one set of decals for Nisseki Trust Racing Team Car number 100.

Decal Option: All Japan Sports Prototype Car Eudurance Championship Trust Racing Team Car No.100

Skill Level 3
61 pieces
Length: 7.9 in (200 mm)
Width: 3.3 in (83 mm)

1/72 Messerschmitt Me262V056 & Me262B-1a/U1 “Nachtjager” (2 kits) Limited Edition

Kurt’s crafts. Me262s were some of the first and fastest early jet aircraft. Germany fielded increasing numbers of them, late in the war, with large radar arrays on the nose and heavy weapons for taking down the bombers wreaking havoc on the Rhineland. Kurt Welter was one of the most successful pilots of the Me262 at night, with 56 victories recorded at night. This limited edition kit combo features two aircraft with four sets of decals including two Kurt Welter decals.

Decal Options:


Luftwaffe Code: V056 (170056) Feb., 1945
Luftwaffe Kommando Welter Leutnant Kurt Welter Code: V056 Jan., 1945
Luftwaffe 10./NJG11 Oberleutnant Kurt Welter Red-10 (110635) May, 1945
Luftwaffe 10./NJG11 Red-8 (110305) May, 1945

Skill Level 3
58 / 57 pieces
Length: 5.9 in (151 mm)
Width: 7.3 in (185 mm)

1/72 Mitsubishi F-2A/B Tsuiki Special 2016 (2 kits) Limited Edition

Straight over the sea. The Mitsubishi F-2B may not be the most famous fighter around, but it is certainly one of the most impressive. The F-2 has the distinction of being the first military aircraft equipped with Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar. Its wing area is also 25 percent larger than other fighters in its class. These advantages make the F-2 a key element of the JASDF units based at Tsuiki Air Base. This limited edition kit combo features two sets of decals for 8th AW aircraft at Tsuiki Air Base.

Decal Options:
F-2B: JASDF 8th AW 6th SQ Code: 129 (43-8129) Tuiki A.B. Nov., 2016
F-2A: JASDF 8th AW 8th SQ Code: 521 (13-8521) Tuiki A.B. Nov., 2016

Skill Level 3
128 / 129 pieces
Length: 8.2 in (209 mm)
Width: 6.1 in (156 mm)

1/72 QF-4E Phantom II “USAF Farewell” Limited Edition

Decades of domination. For nearly sixty years, the Phantom II has served with the United States Air Force and the air forces of countries all across the globe. It set multiple world records in its tenure, is the only aircraft to serve with both the USAF and USN aerobatic display teams, and was operational in combat zones from Vietnam to Desert Storm. As of 2017, that long and storied service is coming to a close. This limited edition kit features decals for the final flight of the Phantom.

Decal Option: USAF 82ATRS Code: TD82ATRS 2016

Skill Level 3
130 pieces
Length: 10.4 in (265 mm)
Width: 6.4 in (163 mm)

1/72 B-24 Liberator Mk.III/V Coastal Command Limited Edition

Closing the gap. It’s a long, long way from New York to Liverpool. In WWII, that open expanse of ocean was a death trap. Nazi U-Boats prowled just beneath the surface from coast to coast, sinking vessels by the ton. RAF Coastal Command was given the nearly impossible task of regaining control over the huge “Atlantic Gap”. Some of the best aircraft for this mission were the B-24 Liberators. These bombers, with their immense range and payload, enabled Coastal Command to extend protection for convoys far out into the Atlantic. Kit features two sets of decals.

Decal Options:
Liberator Mk.V: RAF Coastal Command No.86 Squadron Code: 2-Q (BZ877)
Liberator Mk.III: RAF

Skill Level 3
202 pieces
Length: 11.4 in (290 mm)
Width: 18.3 in (466 mm)

1/72 Area-88 F-20 Tiger Shark Shin Kazama Limited Edition

Fly for the 4th. Kaoru Shintani’s action-packed manga, Area-88, debuted in 1979. It was an instant hit, exciting readers with the exploits of Shin Kazama, a mercenary fighter pilot stationed at a top-secret air base called Area-88. Tiger Sharks are absolutely perfect for the intense action Shin Kazama gets into. The series, which was praised for its white-knuckle dogfighting action, inspired multiple animated films and a television series. This limited edition kit features decals for Kazama’s aircraft in the Kingdom of Arslan Air Force.

Decal Option: Kingdom of Arslan Air Force Area-88 Pilot: Shin Kazama

Skill Level 3
51 pieces
Length: 7.8 in (197 mm)
Width: 4.4 in (111 mm)

1/24 Wild Egg Girls Pkw.K1 Kübelwagen Type 82 “Claire Frost” w/Figure Limited Edition

All-terrain awesome. The Egg Plane Girls really know their transportation! The K?belwagen is an all-terrain icon made infamous by the Germans during WWII. It followed German advances through Poland, France, North Africa, and into Russia. It followed the withdrawals, too. Its reliability was greater than that of virtually every other vehicle available to the Wehrmacht. By war’s end, over 50,000 had been produced and many destroyed. Kit features two sets of decals and Claire Frost figure.

Decal Options:
Special paint of wilderness
German Army

Skill Level 3
185 pieces
Length: 6.4 in (161.5 mm)
Width: 2.7 in (67.5 mm)

1/48 Nakajima Ki27 Type 97 Fighter 4th Regiment Limited Edition

Fly for the 4th. Nakajima Ki-27 fighters were exceptionally nimble, able to make tight turns and perform aerobatics other aircraft simply couldn’t. Unfortunately for their pilots, they also completely lacked armor and safety features. Nevertheless, they were a dangerous opponent in both the Sino-Japanese war and Japan’s pre-WWII conflict with Russia. By the end of WWII, with the situation rapidly deteriorating, Japan committed its remaining Ki27s in suicide and suicidal attacks. This limited edition kit features decals for IJAAF 4th Flight Regiment aircraft.

Decal Option: IJAAF 4th Flight Regiment

Skill Level 3
46 pieces
Length: 6.1 in (154 mm)
Width: 9.2 in (234 mm)

1/48 F-16C Block 52 Advanced Tiger Demo Team Limited Edition

Falcons for the fight. Fast, agile, and heavily armed, the F-16 is the aircraft of choice for dozens of nations. Poland uses them for their aerobatic demonstration team “Tiger Demo Team”. Thirty six “C” types are in service with the Polish Air Force, supporting the aging fleet of MiG aircraft left over from the Soviet days. This limited edition kit features decals for an F-16C from the Polish Air Force aerobatic demonstration team “Tiger Demo Team”.

Decal Option: Polish A.F. Aerobatic Team “Tiger Demo Team” Code: 4052, 4056

Skill Level 3
131 pieces
Length: 12.6 in (319 mm)
Width: 7.8 in (198 mm)

1/32 Messerschmitt Me163B Komet “EJG2” Limited Edition

Germany’s revolutionary rocket-powered fighter! Designed by Alexander Martin Lippisch in the early 1940s, the ME-163 Komet remains the only rocket-powered aircraft to ever become fully operational. During a 1944 flight, test pilot Rudy Opitz reached an astonishing 698 mph. However, the aircraft’s brief seven-and-a-half minute flight times made it an ineffective fighter. An estimated 370 Komets were produced before WWII’s end in 1945. This limited edition kit features new resin parts plus two sets of decals.

Decal Options:
Luftwaffe 14./EJG2 White 54 Germany 1945
Luftwaffe 14./EJG2 White 42 Germany 1945

Skill Level 3
61 pieces
Length: 7.6 in (193 mm)
Width: 11.4 in (289 mm)

1/700 JMSDF DDG Kongo “Hyper Detail” Limited Edition

Her missiles never miss. In active service for close to fifteen years, Kongo is a reliable and powerful asset of the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Forces. Its substantial armament of missiles are both offensive and defensive in nature. The can strike air, land, sea, underwater, or even high-flying ballistic missile targets. With continued advancements in technology, Kongo is on target for success for years to come. This capability makes Kongo a far more lethal weapon than its relatively small size would suggest. Limited edition kit features detailed photo-etched parts.

Decal Option: DDG KONGO Code: 173 2016

Skill Level 3
159 pieces
Length: 9.1 in (230 mm)
Width: 1.2 in (30 mm)

1/72 UP-3C Orion “51st FS 2016” Limited Edition

Watching over the waves. In 2014, three P-3C Orions were crushed when their hangar at Atsugi Air Base collapsed under the weight of heavy snow. Nevertheless, the Pacific’s vast stretches of water still have to be monitored. The best way to do that is with the UP-3C Orion. It’s equipped with “Airboss” modifications which add an additional sensor on top of the fuselage. This limited edition kit features resin antenna fairing parts, pitot tube parts, airboss parts, and full decals.

Decal Option: JMSDF 51st FS AIRBOSS Experimental Plane Code: 9151 Atsugi A.B. 2016

Skill Level 3
151 pieces
Length: 20.6 in (523 mm)
Width: 16.6 in (422 mm)

1/24 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 Limited Edition

From raceway to freeway. Mitsubishi first developed the Galant VR-4 to compete in World Rally Championship races, beginning in the late 1980s. By 1992, the VR-4 had three event wins and three championships under its belt. Despite its impressive performance, the sport’s demand for smaller cars forced Mitsubishi to replace the VR-4 with the more compact Lancer Evolution. Not all was lost, however, as the VR-4 remained a best-selling sports car in Japan long after it disappeared from rally courses. This limited edition kit features a detailed recreation of the best-selling Mitsubishi Galant VR-4.


Skill Level 3
60 pieces
Length: 7.5 in (190 mm)
Width: 2.8 in (72 mm)

1/24 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V 1998 WRC Champion Limited Edition

Japanese engineering, English expertise. 1998’s Rally of Great Britain ranks as one of the most edge-of-your-seat races ever. The competition was fierce. Finland’s Tommi Makinen was the top contender; however, a lap-six collision with a hay bale took him out of the running. Enter Britain’s Richard Burns, who finished first following some nail-biting neck-in-neck racing against Scotland’s Colin McRae. This limited edition kit features two marking options.

Decal Options:

1998 Rally of Great Britain, Car No. 1, Driver: Tommi Makinen
1998 Rally of Great Britain, Car No. 2, Driver Richard Burns

Skill Level 3
118 pieces
Length: 7.1 in (181 mm)
Width: 2.9 in (74 mm)

1/24 From A Porsche 962C Limited Edition

The racing legend reborn. After an inauspicious debut in 1984, the Porsche 962 quickly proved its worth on the racetrack. By 1988’s All Japan Sports Prototype Car Endurance Championship, the 962C was taking the From A Racing team’s Hideki Okada to a show-stopping first-place finish. The popularity of the 962C helped Porsche score 115 points and five wins that season. This limited edition kit features one marking option.

Decal Option: All Japan Sports Prototype Car Endurance Championship, From A Racing Team, Car No. 27

Skill Level 3
65 pieces
Length: 7.8 in (198 mm)
Width: 3.3 in (83 mm)

1/24 Racing Figure Set Limited Edition

Meet your new pit crew. You’re in the lead. The finish line is near. Fuel is low. Tires are worn. Do you push your car to the limit, or pay a visit to the pit crew? Time’s wasting. The fans are on their feet, waiting for your decision. Do you risk it all for that one shot at glory? The choice is up to you. This limited edition figure set features parts for two driver figures and eight mechanic figures in two distinctive styles.


Skill Level 3
58 pieces

Eggplane F-16 Fighting Falcon “Taiwan Air Force” Limited Edition

Tiny Taiwan’s toughest. If you’re going to be a lone nest nation just off the coast of the biggest, baddest roost in the world, you’d better have some pretty fierce raptors watching over your eggs. The F-16 is just such a bird. Its AESA radar sees further than even the sharpest of eagle eyes. Its 20mm cannon and missiles are more devastating than any talon. It’s the Grade A bird you want scrambling when things go out of the frying pan and into the fire! Limited edition kit features an eggplane version of the F-16 with full decals.

Decal Option: Taiwan A.F. 401TFW 5TFG Code; 6820 July 2015

Skill Level 1
20 pieces
Length: 3.7 in (95 mm)
Width: 3.5 in (90 mm)

1/72 Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden (Jack) Type 21 “302nd Flying Group” (2 kits) Limited Edition

Unleash the lightning! Designed by Jiro Horikoshi, the Mitsubishi J2M could fly faster – and climb even higher – than the celebrated A6M Zero. The J2M3 Type 21 was distinguished by a powerful MK4R-A Kasei 23a engine, two wing-mounted 20 mm Type 99 Model I cannons and two wing-mounted 20 mm Type 99 Model II cannons. All that firepower makes it perfect for the 302nd Flying Group. This limited edition kit combo features metal gun barrel parts plus decals for two 302nd Flying Group aircraft.

Decal Options:

IJN 302nd N.F.G. Code: Yo D-155
IJN 302nd N.F.G. Code: Yo D-1180 w/slanting gun

Skill Level 3
34 / 35 pieces
Length: 5.3 in (134 mm)
Width: 5.9 in (150 mm)

1/72 Bell AH-1S Cobra Chopper and Bell UH-1H Iroquois “Winter Camo” (2 kits) Limited Edition

War in any weather. The overwhelming firepower that can be brought to bear by the AH-1S Cobra is the perfect complement for the carrying capacity of the Bell UH-1H Iroquois. Together, they provide an effect one-two punch of area clearance and area control. Both aircraft have served since the time of the Vietnam War. Although they have been largely phased out of use with the US Armed Forces, they are still in service with the JGSDF and the armed forces of many other countries. This limited edition kit combo features a Cobra and an Iroquois with JGSDF decals.

Decal Options:


Skill Level 3
76 / 67 pieces
Length: (AH-1S) 7.5 in (190 mm); (UH-1H) 6.9 in (175.5 mm)
Width: (AH-1S) 7.3 in (186 mm); (UH-1H) 7.9 in (200.5 mm)

1/72 F4F-4 Wildcat “Operation Torch” (2 kits) Limited Edition

Two Grumman greats, one astonishing set. The Grumman F-4F Wildcat was the first aircraft the US Navy could bring to bear in large numbers in the early days of WWII. It was neither as fast, nor as maneuverable as its chief opponents. Nevertheless, its rugged construction and dependability, coupled with innovative tactics, made it a deadly threat to anything in the sky. US escort carriers brought the Wildcat to the shores of North Africa for Operation Torch. There, the guns of the type helped sweep the skies over the landing beaches. This limited edition kit combo features two aircraft and three sets of decals.

Decal Options:

US Navy USS RANGER VF-9 Code: 9F9 Operation Torch Nov., 1942
US Navy USS SANTEE VGF-29 Code: 29-GF-10 Operation Torch Nov., 1942
US Navy USS RANGER VF-41 Code: 25 Operation Torch Nov., 1942

Skill Level 3
34 / 34 pieces
Length: 4.8 in (121 mm)
Width: 6.3 in (160 mm)

1/35 P.K.H. Nutcracker Maschinen Krieger Limited Edition

Complete your Maschinen Krieger collection. The sci-fi series Maschinen Krieger was created by artist Kow Yokoyama in the early 1980s, first appearing in the popular magazine Hobby Japan. The series was inspired by armor and aircraft from both World Wars, as well as several iconic science fiction films. Today, Maschinen Krieger continues to have a devoted cult following, thanks to its celebrated return to Hobby Japan magazine in 2009. This limited edition kit features one marking option.

Decal Option: Strahl Defense Force, Kampgruppe BALCK, s.Pz.Abt.503.

Skill Level 3
217 pieces
Length: 12.1 in (308 mm)
Width: 7 in (178 mm)

1/48 Shindenkai No Maki F1M2 Type 0 Seaplane “Pete” Limited Edition

Set sail for anime action. Throughout WWII, the IJN used seaplane tenders-early aircraft carriers-to discreetly dispatch airplanes for long-range recon missions. The float-equipped F1M2 was frequently sent out by the IJN because of its versatility. This seaplane has appeared in “Shindenkai No Maki,” a manga which features high school girls dogfighting with iconic WWII aircraft. Whether you’re a manga fan or a WWII buff, this unique kit has something for everyone. This limited edition kit features markings for pilot Kamizuki no Rua, a character from Takeshi Nogami’s popular Japanese manga, “Shindenkai No Maki.”


Skill Level 3
124 pieces
Length: 7.8 in (198 mm)
Width: 9 in (229 mm)

1/48 Kawanishi N1K1-Jb Shiden (George) Type 11 Otsu “Rollout” Limited Edition

WWII’s ultimate Japanese fighter plane. Following its 1943 introduction, the Kawanishi N1K quickly earned a reputation for being incredibly resilient and highly maneuverable. In combat, the N1K could easily go toe-to-toe against the F6F Hellcat, as well as the P-51 Mustang, and the F4U Corsair. The N1K1-Jb version featured four 20 mm cannons mounted in the wings and could carry two 250kg bombs, but itlacked the frontal 7.7 mm guns of earlier variants. This limited edition kit features markings for aircraft fresh from the Himeji factory.

Decal Options:

IJN Kawanishi Himeji factory Code: 7255
IJN Kawanishi Himeji factory Code: 7250
IJN Kawanishi Himeji factory Code: 7257

Skill Level 3
93 pieces
Length: 7.3 in (185 mm)
Width: 9.8 in (250 mm)

1/48 F/A-18F Super Hornet “VX-23 Salty Dogs” Limited Edition

Engineered to excel. Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 23 (VX-23) was established in 1995 to put cutting-edge aircraft through exhaustive trials. One of the most notable aircraft evaluated by VX-23 is the F/A-18F Super Hornet. In addition to 40 officers and 90 enlisted troops, VX-23 also has hundreds of flight engineers who provide support during the squadron’s 2,600 annual tests. This limited edition kit features new nose landing gear door parts, new upper rear fuselage parts and one marking option.

Decal Option: US Navy VX-23, Code: SD223, Naval Air Station Patuxent River, 2016

Skill Level 3
256 pieces
Length: 15.1 in (383 mm)
Width: 11.3 in (286 mm)

1/32 Spitfire Mk.IIa “Douglas Bader” with Figure Limited Edition

Always reaching for the sky. Adversity crushes some men; others, it makes soar. Sir Douglas Bader was of the rarer, latter sort. He lost his father to WWI. He lost both his legs to a flying accident in ’31. By 1939, he was back in the cockpit. His actions in the Battle of Britain made him a hero. He was shot down over France in 1941, but still refused to give up. His multiple escape attempts landed him in Nazi Germany’s special prison for problem inmates. Limited edition kit features detailed parts and Douglas Bader figure.

Decal Option: R.A.F. Tangmere Fighter Wing Commander W/Cdr. Douglas Bader Code: D – B March 1941

Skill Level 3
78 pieces
Length: 11.3 in (288 mm)
Width: 13.7 in (348 mm)

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International


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