MiniArt Railway Tracks

MiniArt Railway Tracks

MiniArt have released 2 very similar boxings of railway tracks, one is 2 lengths of track that can be joined together, with a buffer or end stop and the other is 4 lengths of track that can be joined together. Check out the video above for full details and some tips I learned as I built them.

The 2 sets are:

  • 35568 Railway track with Dead End
  • 35561 Railway track

Both boxes come in simple end opening boxes. The boxes are pretty sturdy for this type of box – I’ve seen flimsier ones used by other manufacturers.

The kit with the dead-end is made of 90 parts and makes 342mm of track. The instructions say it has 7 sprues, but in my box sprue Bc was in 2 parts. I’m not sure if it is supposed to be that way but it didn’t cause any problems.  The kit that is just tracks contains 136 parts on 8 identical sprues and makes 686 mm of track. The detail of the parts is very good and the sprue attachment points are in sensible, out of the way, places. The ejector pin marks are also out of the way and won’t be seen on the completed kit – you don’t need to touch them at all.

Paints are mentioned in the instructions, but by name only. There are no references to manufacturers, although there’s only ‘metal’ and ‘old wood’ called for on the tracks and just ‘metal’, ‘black’ and ‘white’ on the end stop. Ammo does make an ‘old wood’ colour – MIG-036.

Overall both kits are nicely detailed and will look good in any diorama.

I see both kits are marked as future releases for $13.99 at luckymodel.

Many thanks to MiniArt for the review samples.

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International


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