Review: The Weathering Aircraft Magazine #2

This is the second issue of the Weathering Aircraft magazine and this time, the focus is on chipping. The magazine contains 66 glossy full-colour pages and covers 6 different builds and 6 different ways of doing chipping.

  • The magazine starts with a couple of pages talking about, and showing, real life chipping on aircraft.
  • Hasegawa 1/48 F4-U7 weathered and chipped with sponge and cocktail sticks.
  • Trumpeter 1/48 F-100F painted, weathered and chipped with Maskol, toothpicks and a sanding pad.
  • 1/48 Hurricane Mk.IIc painted in a winter whitewash, weathered and then chipped with Ammo Chipping Effects Fluid.
  • Next is a quick one page intro to the salt technique.
  • Hasegawa 1/32 Ki-84 painted and weathered and chipped with masking liquid, wire wool, micromesh and pencil.
  • Zvezda 1/144 A-90 Orlyonok painted and weathered and chipped with Ammo Chipping Effects Fluid.
  • Tamiya 1/48 Me262 painted and weathered and chipped with Ammo Scratches Effects, Ammo Chipping Effects, sponges, and pencils.
  • Egg-plane Mig15 painted and weathered and chipped with Ammo Scratches Effects.
  • Y-Wing painted and weathered and chipped with masking fluid, Ammo Chipping Effects and tweezers.

So, what do you get? This issue covers all the mainstream ways to do chipping and covers the main ones several times on different aircraft to achieve different results. I also like how the models are also shown being painted and weathered, and chipping is seen as part of the process of completing the build rather than a standalone process. Even though this magazine is from Ammo, 4 of the articles don’t use any Ammo products in their chipping, so you can use those techniques with things that we probably all have in our toolboxes.

I’m looking forward to the next issue of the Weathering Aircraft Magazine, which will cover engines.

The magazine is available from Ammo’s website.

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International


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