Iliad Design PT-17 Stearman Decals

Iliad Dedign have released a couple of new decal sheets and this is the first one we will review. The Stearman has been around for a long time. It was based on the Boeing-Stearman Model 75 from 1334 and with a Continental R-670-5 engine it became the PT-17 and some 3,519 were delivered. Lindberg and Revell have kits in 1/48, but the Revell kit is he more modern one and the one you will want to go for. Looking at the online reviews, the Revell kit of the PT-17 Stearman looks to be well worth a build.

This decal sheet has 5 options:

  • 4BFTS, Mesa, AZ early 1940s
  • 216546, Kunming, China, 1943
  • 39123, US Navy, 1943
  • 29950, Gross Ile, Michigan, Oct 1943
  • FJ888, 36 EFTS, Pearce, LAberta, Canada, Summer 1942.

The decal sheet contains the main decals. You will need to use the smaller stencils from the kit sheet.

The decal sheet arrived from the publisher in a sturdy cardboard envelope. Inside this, the decals are in a resealable plastic bag and I’m glad to say there is enough space in the bag to allow you to insert and remove the sheet and instructions without having to bend and fold the sheets. The bag contains:

  • One double sided, colour, letter sized sheet of instructions
  • One 12.5cm x 20cm decal sheet.

The instruction sheet is very clear with colour port side views of the 5 aircraft on one side. The reverse has top views of the aircraft and views of the  lower wings from below. There are ample details of the specifics of each aircraft including colour references and the quirks of each individual aircraft.

The decals are printed by Canuck Models in Ontario, Canada. The decal sheet itself has bright vibrant colours and all appear to be in register. The backing is minimal in most places, but the large serials have a bit of clear backing to them to hold them all together. The will be easy enough to cut around if you want to remove it, but you will have to be careful to get the spacing right again.

The decal sheet is available for $12.00 from Iliad Design and also from various hobby shops.

This is a very nice, reasonably priced sheet and a good addition to the limited range of  decal options for the Revell kit. It’s an easy way to make your Stearman stand out from the crowd.

Many thanks to Iliad Design for the review sample.

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International


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