Luftwaffe im Focus 25 Review

The latest issue of Luftwaffe im Focus arrived a little while ago, and it’s taken me a while to get round to writing a review.  As usual, the book came from the publishers in Germany in a sturdy cardboard envelope and also wrapped in tissue paper.

The photos are all published in a large scale and high quality on glossy paper. The text is in both English and German and is very well written. The captions and text are in depth and as accurate as they can possibly be. A magazine for historically interested people and modellers alike.

  • Authors: Axel Urbanke
  • Publisher:Luftverlag-Start
  • Language: German/English
  • Release date: Feb 2016
  • ISBN: 978-3-941437-27-2
  • Size: Soft cover, A4 size
  • Pages: 48
  • Paper: Glossy
  • Photos: 58 photos, six colour photographs, two maps and two colour profiles.
  • Price: varies but in N.America and airmail it is 22.80 Euro – about $24.00 US.

Table of contents for this issue:

  • Liaison Aircraft
  • Editorial. In this issue of Luftwaffe im Focus Axel explains that he has covered as many different areas of the Luftwaffe as possible.
  • Reader’s Forum. Some interesting further information on the “Snake” Ju 52 from ZG 26.
  • Close Support Aircraft. Photos of the relatively rare Fw 190 F-8.
  • He 177 of I/FKG 50. An interesting series of photos of a visit by a war reporter to film the aircraft and also a short history of this unit of which very little has been written.
  • A supplement to the Hs 129 from Luftwaffe im Focus 22. More photos came to light after edition 22 was published and they gave more information about this particular Hs129.
  • An emblem on the tail of a He 111 of 14.(Eis)/KG 55. A rare late war emblem.
  • Zellhausen, an operational airfield that looks like a model diorama. A series of photos, 4 in colour, of this peaceful and idyllic airfield from 1940. Also, a less serene photo from September 1944 after an air raid by P-47s.
  • Before and After – the fate of a training aircraft of JG 105. Some photos of Bf 109 G-4 “68” before being taken for a training flight, and afterwards, when the student forgot to lower the undercarriage before landing. There’s also a full-colour profile of this aircraft.
  • Certificate recognising Fernaufklarunsgruppe 122 fighting off a fighter-bomber attack.
  • A rare example of a manufacturer’s code and werknummner on the nose of a late war He 1111E.
  • A series of photos, with maps, detailing an air battle over Calais in May 1941. The text covers the encounter and the outcome and the photos show the aircraft of JG 51, a crashed Spitfire of 74 Sqn. RAF and many of the personnel involved.
  • Photographic proof of an Ar 196 with dive brakes. Until these photos came to light, it was assumed that no Ar 196 had dive brakes, despite them taking on a dive-bomber training role.
  • The 500th operational sortie by 4.(H)/12 in Africa. Images depicting the celebrations as the Bf 110 E-2 lands.
  • “Bolz”, the mascot dog of 3. Staffel of JG 52.
  • Red Cross aircraft in Norway and a brief history of their use. Images of a He 59 and Waco YKS-7.

This issue is, as always, full of photos you are guaranteed to have not seen before. The research is excellent and each photo is fully described in both the captions and the accompanying text for the articles. Luftwaffe im Focus remains at the forefront of Luftwaffe research. If you’re interested in the Luftwaffe and want to see new material, then this is a publication for you.

Highly recommended for both modellers and Luftwaffe enthusiasts.
If you’re going to buy a copy, do it soon as once they’re gone, they get expensive on the second-hand market and they don’t get republished very often. I think so far only issues 1-3 got reprinted and they sold out very quickly.

Luftwaffe im Focus 25 is available from the publisher.

Paul Tosney – Editor
ModelBuilder International


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